You hear a lot that China does not work on CO2 reduction but is that so?

Emissions have risen by more than 4% since last year.In this sense, the Chinese policy does leave a little to be desired. But there is the opposite that Europe and America are already putting a lot of carbon into circulation for much longer and that China is very interested in sun and wind and invests in it. That solar power has become so cheap in the last ten years is mainly due to China. In that respect, China is far less the big culprit than the country I live in (the US). And yes, Americans like to point their finger at the Chinese…

China has a very big problem that they are very aware of.Per Day, on average, more than 4,000 people die of air pollution. More than 1.5 million Chinese per year[1 .
This is a serious problem and the Chinese government is doing everything to reduce it.And with that, CO2 reduction is also directly on the map.

The challenge of China is to find the balance between keeping the industry running and making cleaner alternatives like the current combustion.And this takes time, which is a relevant issue.
Suppose you can put a third generator nuclear reactor today, or in 2030/2035 a fourth generation nuclear reactor.Are you going to invest now, or only in 2035? That’s a tricky question, because this is the tradeoff between fire extinguishing today and a sprinkler install tomorrow.
Furthermore, you have to realise from the Dutch perspective that the scale in China is very different from the Netherlands.We have a relatively populated small area on land, where China is huge and has a very different spread of many more inhabitants.
China builds “ghost towns”, not because they are not uninhabited, but to meet the future demand for living space.We cannot imagine this in the Netherlands.

What I find very unfortunate based on my limited and colored knowledge of China is that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the country.The Western media already has a distorted image, and most of the information available is in English and not in Dutch. Because of this, we really live in the Netherlands in an “information coconut” as my wife would call it so beautiful. We are already separated because both we and the Chinese are very internally oriented, and on top of that is also a huge language barrier.

I always wonder about this kind of news: what does someone win to do this, especially if they are not made on the basis of pure and measurable observations-where we forget the question of interpretation for convenience.


[1 1.6 million Chinese die of air pollution Per year

Uhm… At the bottom of the line, there is indeed more CO2 emissions in China every year.Then it seems like they do nothing, but this is not true. They are even one of the most active countries:

Three-North Shelter Forest Program-Wikipedia

China has already hit its 2020 target to cut carbon emissions

China must do two things at once: let its citizens participate in rising prosperity and achieve climate goals.They both do this, but for their government the prosperity goes on, just as our governments do.

In China, there are a huge amount of electricity plants fed with coal.This is the way with the largest production of CO2 plus a lot of other polluting elements.

Electricity in China is also dirt cheap which leads to enormous consumption.

Therefore, more than 70% of all “mining” of cryptocurrencies in China is done.

In China it is cheaper to get coal out of the ground, burn it in a local power plant and use this electricity to run a mining farm than export the coal or even just transport it…

In many cases, China remains quite behind.

China does little to reduce CO2. There is a lot of smog in cities and a lot of coal is still being used. Yet you see that in some cities there is gradually also electric use of green energy and green gas. The purpose of this is to reduce pollution but also to decrease the dependence on fossil fuels. So no China also participates, although it is very little compared to other countries.

The problem that mainly plays is that environmental movements are poorly organised in China.This is mainly because political movements outside the Communist Party are not trusted by the Chinese rulers.

China realises that it has a problem, nevertheless it is not willing to give any influence to really be able to tackle the problem.

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