You have undergone an eye surgery five years ago, what have you experienced since then? What would be your advice to someone who should also have an eye surgery?

This really depends very much on the kind of surgery and your history, also from other medical problems.

I have a lot of experience with corneal transplants (4), and the operation itself was never really problematic.Ironically, the recovery of a less invasive transplant (DMEK) is heavier than for a complete transplant, even though they make a huge advertisement for the ‘ Fast recovery ‘. Quite a difference: after a regular transplant, after a week I could do everything again, after the DMEK I was there for 6 weeks because even a slight activity like cooking made me tired and caused pain.

My advice would be, you stick to the instructions that you are given, such as drip schedules but also time between controls.Make a list for things you need to ask, sometimes they forget to tell practical matters.

In terms of instructions, if you are smart and opinionated, that cannot necessarily hurt (I don’t like the way they learn to drip you because then it comes from such a high altitude, but my way is hygienic enough), if you take responsibility for it and know W At you do: eye dropper bottles should not touch your eyes, eyelashes and eyelids, especially if they are not day packs.

Be sure to go to the ophthalmologist quickly if there is anything (if necessary, if your own doctor is not there).Even if it is only slight headache around your eyes that you otherwise never have, that can be a sign of secondary glaucoma and is quite serious. Unfortunately, I suffered a lot of damage because it was not monitored well enough.

If you have side effects that you do not find acceptable, talk to the doctor.In the Netherlands they call quickly that it is your own fault if you get systemic side effects, which you do not hear when you close your tear duct after dripping. This is faint because it gives no guarantee, only reduces the odds as much as possible, so if you have been trying this for 5 minutes and you still get serious loads of things (like severe abdominal pain after an hour, or no more libido), just go through Drammen. In addition, side effects to your eyes are not prevented, so if you and few hours have so much pain in your eyes that you cannot function, you should have a different therapy. Sometimes you have to accept things unfortunately, if it is difficult to find a therapy that works: I now have beautiful long eyelashes but also extremely deeply lying eyes and it always looks like I have a blue eye. Looks awful on pictures. But it does prevent me from being blind, and maybe I can slow it down soon because the eye pressure has been going well for over a year now.

This all sounds like I have a long history of complications.That’s why last but not least: for the operation itself you don’t have to be afraid, the pain after that is usually not so bad. All in all it is mostly a bit scary, which is worse than the pain.

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