Would you, if you got the chance, eat dog meat?

In Indonesia, where I come from, dog meat is eaten regularly in some areas such as central Java, North Sulawesi and North Sumatra.Also in Bali, dog meat is often sold, even to unsuspecting tourists. [1

I myself have never had the need to try these dishes, even though many people have said that dog meat would be nice.

This is the picture of an eating tent, somewhere in central Java, this one I made myself.

The inscription reads Warung Makan (Ri) CA-Rica Guguk.Translated, this means: “Food stall dogs Ritja-Ritja”.Ritja-Ritja is a spicy meat stew. Gilingan is the name of the district where this food stall is located. Originally this dish comes from northern Celebes, where dogs are often eaten. Below is an image of Ritja-ritja, not of dog meat, but prepared with chicken. In The Netherlands This dish is prepared by many Indian-Dutch people. But readers do not have to worry, in the Netherlands this dish is never prepared with dog meat.

Ritja-Ritja [2

I hope this will have answered your question.

Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).


[1 ‘ dog meat-satay sold to tourists in Bali ‘

[2 ritja ritja-SID en

If I got the chance?No, I don’t need it and I try to get my meat consumption down anyway.
Could I eat it?Sure, as a former instructor in survival techniques it speaks for itself. As long as something is edible, I will always be able to eat it. The only thing that can stop me is the health risks and my personal preference in terms of taste. I like to eat insects for example. And as a former rider there is regularly a horse steak on the menu. I do not personally fordo animals, but I do not deliver animal suffering.
Should I visit Asians and they dish me dog before, I will eat it.
If it turns out that the animals have lived in appalling conditions and have suffered in an unanimal way during slaughter, I am the first to protest.

Although there is no objective reason to look emotionally differently against dog meat than against pork, I do so.

But if it were a matter of preservation of life, I would eat dog meat without hesitation.

In the war my father gave cat meat to his mother, under the guise of rabbit, but even though his head, tail and paws were off.His mother (my grandmother) did not let himself be fooled. But she did clean the slaughtered animal and she baked the meat for her nine children.

Distress breaks law.

I am a hypocrite, admittedly.

As a dog owner I would never eat dog meat.I loathe rabbit with or without prunes. If I read some or see about slaughterhouses, I become a vegetarian. For even.

But I can imagine that we are thinking differently in this world elsewhere.In France and here and there in Belgium you will find butchers specializing in horse meat. Once accidentally tasted smoke meat from ‘ peerdje ‘ and never again. Englishmen who are fond of racehorses would probably rather starve than eat horse meat.

In Egypt There are thousands of street dogs around that occasionally bite in common.A minister had found a solution to this: the dogs were felling and selling to Asian countries where dog is on the menu. Fortunately, the feast does not go through, but the country spends fortunes for strychnine. While sterilizing and castrating would be a human solution.

In the course of the history humans have every now and then unusual animal food taken up to itself.When Napoleon attacked in 1812 Russia and finally had to blow the retreat, the French cavalry horses were so weakened that they bless death. The starving soldiers began to eat the carcasses and no dog or cat was still safe.

Maybe a slavist can fix it (or deny it), but my Prof. Russian told the Russians who saw the French horse eat, asking about the horse carcasses being.The French replied to ‘ Cheval ‘. Since then ‘ Cheval ‘ in Russian would mean as much as disgusting junk.

No, the only dog I like to eat is a hot dog.

Dir was eaten by 1st and 2nd generation Overseas Chinese in our area, we as 6th generation ‘ diluted ‘ ethnic Chinese consider dogs as a companion animal, no more as food, so no.

Am also an Indo, but never ever did not.Grew up with dogs, see dogs as faithful soulmates. Don’t be meat anyway, sometimes chicken and fish goes in, but dogs? Never.

Yes.I am always looking for new experiences. I don’t think it’s more sad than from another animal. Only human flesh would be resolutely refused. I am sensitive to how an animal has come to its end, partly because of this I eat less meat and preferably organic though I think that this is little for the slaughter method. Maybe so I need to get organic-dynamic meat, if this is. But since I’ve eaten vegetarian for a week, meat tastes less like me. Maybe I’ll become a vegetarian.

Rabbit meat is a delicacy for us, the Australian rightly of it.

Perception is the cause.

Will be so for dog meat and rat meat.

I am too much dog man to eat dog meat in normal conditions.

Yeah though, and it was very tasty.

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