Would you buy the new foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone? Why?

No, I’m not going to buy this cell phone, at least not at this time.Unless I would need this option for my work and that is asked by my employer, I will buy this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold [1

Thank you for asking me this question Céline Décamps (Quora user).


[1 Galaxy Fold Samsung’s first foldable phone | LetsGoDigital

It’s a little bit of a ridiculous device for me.

I am very satisfied with a portable phone that can withstand a butting and has a less dramatic impact on my portomonnee.

Coincidentally I bought a phone this week and the 650 Euro I spent on it already hurts enough, 2000 euros really won’t get him.

No, that thing costs $2000,-in the US, so there will be a few hundred euros more expensive here.Besides the fact that I need that money for tuition, I find the photografy too much money for a smartphone with a gimmick. Because that’s it right now, a gimmick.

I see the added value of electronics that can fold for military and backpackers, but the added value of foldability for a 3x so expensive smartphone I really don’t see.

Conditions: You have the urgent need to have all the applications that the device offers you.You know you already felt from your early childhood that there was something missing from the resources that Samsung is only now offering you to suffer a more sexual life.

Reasons: The manufacturer has convinced you that you have needs, which you did not have a clue about in 2013.

No, completely new technology I never purchase.For two reasons:

  1. It costs a lot of money.

1100 Euro for phablet I find very much. There are high development costs and they have to be recovered. I understand this, but I am not so rich.

  • It’s new, and in this market it’s about who is the first with new technology, which spins the most yarn.
  • That means that manufacturers are under enormous pressure to bring out products and that they often do just a little too quickly. Therefore, they often bring out a product just too quickly while it is not yet completely ‘ finished ‘ to be the first. And I don’t feel like a wonderful new product to get me broke.

    Ask the question about a year or a half yet again.:-)

    For me, a phone only needs two things: Allow me to call, or make sure that I can be called by others.

    The rest is nice and nice, but why should I pay for all those bells and whistles?

    Because the manufacturer wants me to buy the latest model?

    Why should I?

    Maybe because manufacturers make a phone go fast, so Jendsn has to buy their new model?

    Or because their marketing division with clever psychological tricks keeps the hype of having the latest phone alive?

    As long as a phone works, I use it.A brand is more of a feeling, an image. The technology used is the same for calling all the same. I don’t need three cameras. Or a possibility to listen to music or watch movies/photos. Or what other bells and whistles they have even more invented, or still come to invent.

    If you run into a telecommunications store nowadays, and there you say that you want a phone that can call and receive calls, three things can happen.Either they look at you as if you are coming from Mars, or they will send you to the fixed line devices or both.

    So no, I wouldn’t buy that phone.

    The market for mobile phones refreshes way too fast.Every year a new model comes out which leads to premature replacement. A huge number of expensive phones lies somewhere in a la, or is quickly used by hand.

    That would be a little less if there were not so many incredibly self-sufficient raw materials with enormous environmental polluting methods to be won.

    Our sigh at gadgets and innovation on the square miliometer polluted our environment at a record pace.

    In addition, the price will be astronomic again.

    All in all, many reasons not to do it.

    I don’t think this is right for me at the moment.I find the execution pretty neat and it’s a slotted promise from Samsung who has been standing for many years. It doesn’t seem practical enough yet. All with the current price.

    If they had introduced a unique collaboration with, for example, Mi a large Game studio or a productivity tool, I might have stood still longer but probably not done.

    No because of:

    • No need for this model
    • Overpriced
    • Samsung only makes 2 updates

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