Would you be dating someone who is married?

Know for sure!

Yesterday I went on date with a married man.Really a nice guy.
He came to fetch me at my work.Then went together to the Beehive, he is witness at a wedding in July and bought a nice suit. After that we started eating at the Greek, very cozy. About everything and talk about it.

After eating coffee drunk at his home and a while gegamed.Top evening. At 22.30 I was broke so I said ‘ I’m going to leave you here ‘.
No, “he said,” I am also broken, I conclude, and I come up too. “
He already had a toothbrush ready for me and a beautiful sleeping tshirt with a rainbow and a unicorn.’ This guy gets me ‘ I still thought to myself.

That’s why we’re also married;)

Just to say that you can also enjoy dating your own husband:)
A man who is already married but not with me, so I would not go on date.Unless the relationship is already over and they do not live together for a long time. But well, I don’t think that will be relevant to me soon, not after my nice date from yesterday:)

All married men who seek an affair indicate that their relationship is already over and marriage is a formality. I had such a man myself.However, I expected a certain degree of discreedness and respect from him to his family. A weekend in Brussels with his mistress I found okay, play around with our joint colleague (we worked for an organization) I found not done.

That’s why I find married men nothing.I date more for quality time than for sex (the latter is indeed much easier to get than quality time). If the man does discreetly, I have nothing and if he does not do discreetly, it is a terrible jerk.

I have already done that.

In both cases, I didn’t choose these men, but I could feel they were both really unhappy in their marriage and that I could give them something they were very lacking.

So I gave it to them: I listened to them, I comforted them, and I slept with them.Later They kept me both in trust, but never slept with me again, and it was fine.

I am glad that I could give them a moment of softness and comfort.

A third was a polyamorous man, and he is still a friend of me.

Sleeping with someone who is married does not mean that you are breaking a marriage, I think it is important to mention this.

No certainly not.With that I would break my wife. Would be a surprise to her. Would therefore also not want to be part of the disadvantage of the spouse of the other.

Could also be cancelled.It has never come so far.

I did it though.Usually it involved a woman who was in an open relationship and was looking for sex outside the door. One time it concerned a woman who was looking for a second (polyamore) relationship. 漏

No.Not even one that has a friend. Trust is not there. It Is necessary in a serious relationship. What she does with her current friend can also do them with you and the next and next and the next. You can get him. Maybe my libido is not that high for a man or something, but I never understood what is the usefulness of there time and effort in investing.

If the relationship is over?Yes, but not seriously.

My own relationship is over, MN marriage yet.I will not start dating seriously either

Dating, according to Wikipedia, is making an appointment with a candidate partner.This is something I would never do. I am happy with my partner and do not seek a candidate partner.

No.Right now I’m not interested in relationships and I don’t have one either, but if I have a relationship/got married, no matter who, I won’t do it. Disrespectful for both my partner and the partner of the married