Without a mental illness, what are other reasons why a person might experience ‘ voices ‘?

Many people ‘ hear ‘ voices.That may be your own voice (self-talk), the voice of your conscience or the voice of relevant others, such as an educator, a teacher O.I.D. There are estimates about how many people hear voices-the right number I lost but it’s a lot. Children are very good at hearing voices. Then it is partly a learning or processing process. Presumably this is the beginning of a learning or processing process for many people. Gradually the voices become ‘ thoughts ‘.

People complain only about voting if they give sustained criticism or nasty remarks, or risky assignments.They can also evoke fear, or permanently remind you of something lovers. Especially the fact that you have no control over such a voice, which continues and continues with nasty remarks can drive people to despair.

Having hallucinations is quite common.It seems to me to be a disorder if you don’t have them. Smell is strongest. For instance, smells can evoke strong memories and strong memories can evoke smells. On the English-speaking Quora I read a story that the presence of someone’s father was felt very strongly after his death. After its proximity was felt very strongly hung also the strong smell of its cigar in the car. Here the strong memory of the father causes the illusion of his presence, innermost tangible, and the illusion that you smell his cigar.

Visual hallucinations are also very normal.As we see, most of the image is put together in our head. For instance, there is a test where you have to watch a movie from a basketball party and count how often the ball is thrown over. Selective attention test

Dali has also made many paintings with double images.In Dusk You can also look for a tree for a human being. In this type of hallucinations you see the hallucinated form often change into the real form

In the same way, you can hear about everything in buzz.You can also hear intelligible sounds in a foreign language. I hear my name, sometimes I’m really called, sometimes it’s a hallucination.

If you are under great psychic pressure you can become much more sensitive so that you hallucinate much more easily, like after your father’s death, in the above example.Even if you are very nervous, in infatuation, during a foreign trip or after an annoying event, you can easily imagine everything. Suppose you are only in Poland and then your suitcase, passport and money is stolen. You walk down the street, past a terrace, and people laugh: “Ha, ha, ha, Yeral, stupid dick, stupid dick, ha, ha, ha.” This seems to me a rather normal hallucination.

A few days ago, I had a hallucinated memory.I I that reminder, but it is crystal clear, I remember it exactly. I lost my phone and still know exactly how to put it in my hands in the grocery store. So to the grocery store, but he is not found. I am sure I should have lost him there, or later. At home at night I suddenly find the phone on the couch so I can’t have had it in my hands in the grocery store. Now it also changes my memory. I must have had my other simple phone in my hands, instead of that smartphone.

The funny thing about hallucinations is that many people do not associate it with health, but with Gekte.One of the greatest mental illnesses is the fear of being mad. So then you are Poland and then you are robbed and then you walk past a caf茅 and people laugh “Ha, ha, ha, Yeral, stupid dick, stupid dick, ha, ha, ha” and then you don’t think you have yourself at least still good order, at least you can still hallucinate , no, you think: “I lost everything and I’ve also gone mad, terrible, maybe I’ve lost everything because I’ve gone mad” and a complete panic turns your master so you faint. Even when you come in, you stay in a kind of immobility and listlessness, through a Polish interior you come into a Dutch, where you will be nursed for years.

Many people who are a little dissociated are hearing voices.These voices are in fact your own thoughts. They can sound like the voice of your father, who you have always been a little, and then that voice tries to get you small. The best is to thank the voice and reverse the meaning. “I am in any case so healthy that I hear voices.” Because those voices are indeed a symptom of mental health, just as pain is often a symptom of health and it is only very bad if you do not feel any pain anymore.

I am not susceptible to mental illnesses such as psychoses or other disorders where voices belong to occurs.But I do hear voices. I have been from childhood to “fantasy boyfriends”. I learned myself, to feel more connected with them, to convince myself that I hear their voices when I want to see them. I’m thinking in film, 3D images and audio so this is going to be fine. I unconsciously created them to deal with heavy abuse and abuses and thus immense loneliness and emotions. And I have kept them conscious because I still have camp with immense solitude and not being able to emit emotions. My aim is to eventually replace them with real friends, but finding friends is like gifted autist with ADD so easy yet.

It has been tried by psychologists to “take care” of them with therapy, labels and medication for all sorts of diseases that I did not have (later corrected to Asperger, ADD, PTSS and Allergy to Psychofarmica).The problem was that they did not recognize or could see and dealt with what was the reason for the fantasies, and therefore did not include the healthy usefulness of it. You can get a child that is heavily abused and not raped a healthy coping mechanism that ensures to be as good as possible with it. And my justified resistance was used again to confirm the misdiagnoses, then you are stuck in that loup of psychiatric patient. There is a great flaw for me in psychiatry, you should not rooting in coping mechanisms if the function is still money and you blindly stare at that it may not be good because that in another patient was not so.

I now have a team of rescuers who fully support my decisions to fantasy friends. (They also made the correct diagnoses) As long as there are no weird assignments or intrusive images, psychological complaints, so there is no problem.No man draws true loneliness and voices hear, e.g. by fantasy friends, can be a very healthy coping mechanism. If it’s your support and really good does there is no problem. As long as you remain aware that you are resiising it yourself and do not miss any real tasks or real contacts/social responsibilities (avoid addiction) it can work fine to stay upright and still get some social fix.

I also hear when I am a shop my dead grandma in my mind with “Hey!Lift Your feet! ” Or if I stand to wash off and slide a plate away my rescuers voice: “Ooooh that goes wrong!!” And that’s normal, they don’t have audio thinkers either.

And furthermore, I sometimes hear my mothers voice, far in my mind, when I have done something right with disapproving comments.Look, and that’s the PTSS and that’s not healthy. It’s also not really a voice, more of a hard-pressing reminder. But I know that it is PTSD, and also that it will never go away. I especially do not value such a flashback, although t always has ff impact mentally and physically. And if I’m tired and have flashbacks more often, I can also get FF well irritated and connect. Sorry for it.

It depends a bit on what you call “voices”.When it comes to “inner” voices, such as upwelling thoughts, emotions or intuitions, that is a very ordinary matter. But if you are really convinced to HEAR something externs, something that really comes from outside your body, and there is nothing that can bring forth that sound… I would definitely consult my GP.

As an “advanced meditator” I am a bit aware of what is happening in my head.
What I occasionally notice is that there is a very “vague” stimulus, which in itself is nothing special, is associated with a specific reminder.I have the impression, but it can be difficult to determine that this is the way in which memory is “refreshed”. The same incentive will again be associated with this particular reminder in the future.
I remember that at the beginning of my relationship I had some thought spinsels with “The Voice of my wife”, because I associated those specific thoughts very strongly with my wife.My wife has because she is of foreign descent is a very specific tone, word choice and grammar, which makes this very strong stand out. I cannot recall that I had this in a previous relationship. Disclaimer: That may also be my bad memory…

I can imagine that someone who is sensitive to this “refresh” of memory associates with an auditory perception and experiences this in this way.
I rarely dream with speech (anyway I dream little, and usually only in images), but occasionally this happens.For me this is an indication that the brain interprets a certain series of stimuli in this way.
I immediately note that if the dream has a strong emotional charge it is also being increased.

To be very honest I associate an “auditory hallucination” rather with a mental illness as something “normal”. I am through several decades of meditation very conscious of small “movements” in my perception, and if such a movement evolved further “see” I happen (which is incidentally very interesting with visual observations).These are processes that “unfold”, if I can express it so, and if it is a spontaneous clear perception so I would be seriously worried, then there is really something wrong in my upstairs room (more like the loose stitches I already have).

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