With which sitcom or TV series Can you watch again and again without ever getting tired?

For me, that’s Black Books, a series about three eccentric and a bookstore.

Besides this comedy I can also appreciate what one calls cozy or cozy murder-mysteries .

Those sleepy villages in which years of frustration with the neighbors have deadly consequences. Then an old female or an almost oldhanded policeman should look at who did it, because everyone seems to be a suspect.

Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders, But also Rosemary & Thyme (two gardeners who always seem to dig up when they are at work at a client).The episodes are often so complicated that I always forget who exactly the killer was, so it remains new when I look at it again.

Then there is another one that is close to my heart, and that is an anime!Natsume Yuujinchou, or Natsume’s book of Friends.If you think of weird big eyes and sexist caricatures of female figures at anime, I wouldn’t give you any wrong… But this is really something completely different.

It is a beautifully beautiful, very soothing series.

There is a lot of Japanese folklore in it, but special attention is also given to interpersonal relationships and feelings… There is little conflict from the outside, little action, and yet I cannot look away regardless of how many times I have seen it.

It’s about a young man who helps lost souls and nature spirits that come into conflict with people on the way.He is assisted by a thick talking cat, who is actually a mythological beast that has been given away in a picture of a fortune… He is in the footsteps of his grandmother, a mysterious figure where you will find out more about this series.

However much I try to describe it, words do not contain how beautiful and touching this series is.

I’m getting tired of it after a few times watching.

But the closest are the next series, all sitcoms (at least, these are on the tip of my tongue)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

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