With which person, fictive, historical or contemporary, would you like to have a strong conversation and about what?

Mao loved long walking tours, and he was an avid swimmer,

Like me.

But that is not what I would like to talk to him.

Mao was full of ideas,

Like me,

But I would like to have a conversation with him.

One of those ideas was the Cultural Revolution.

Indeed, the start of the Cultural Revolution immediately meant the end of a chance of further training for my Chinese mother-in-law.

My Chinese mother-in-law was a good, inquisitive and especially diligent pupil,

And dreamed about a glorious future for her and her family.

However, the school benches were sold for work on the land one day on the other.

There was no more room for dreams.Everything had to happen, and would happen in the here and now.

She often muses about it earlier and portrays herself that she could have achieved so much more if she had only been given the chance,

And a whole generation with her…

Countless children’s dreams in a blow destroyed.

I would like to make a firm talk about that.

I go with Quora user on a visit to Einstein, and take Newton for the conviviality.

“,” It makes me no matter who, it may be Robespierre, or Stalin, or Julius Caesar, or Hitler.Actually everyone’s leader who lets whistling people over the blade hunt to get a better society. Do such types never think that you should not do anything that you would not want to endure. I often marvel at the total lack of empathy. They never think: ‘ I will be the turn of my own soon. ‘ Or do they think they will die as old heroes in their bed.

“,” The only one of whom I would like to know how he comes to know that he knows a little apply he is working on, is the current president of the USA.

On the other hand, I think again: ‘ Why should I even try that?He is hugely convinced of his own right ‘.

Isaak Asimov.
About his worldview.


Alan Turing, Richard Feynman, Danniel Dennet, Sam Harris, Von Neumann, Max Tegmark, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein,…
Perhaps also the stoic lines of antiquity or Socrates.

‘, ‘ My father of course, in 1970.And then read the Stock Exchange page. Then he can take actions and then my inheritance is a lot better, lol.

“,” With Count Floris V on how he thinks it will continue with the county of Holland and whether he feels any (national) affinity with other counties, duchies and delights from what 2 centuries later the Burgundian Netherlands will become.

Maybe you know the autobiographical book Angela’s Ashes (translated as “The ashes of My Mother”) from Frank McCourt.The story takes off around the 30s of last century. It starts in America, but is mainly in the process of moving from the original Irish family to Limerick in Ireland. There, McCourt grew up in the most harrowing poverty. If there was some money, this was invariably spent by Father McCourt on alcohol, leaving no money for food.

The man unfortunately died a year or ten ago.But with him I would like to have a conversation. Never before have I described someone to describe his terrible young life in such a humorous way. On the one hand, you’ll read deeply sad events while you’re laughing at the way he describes them.

Apparently he was as talented as narrator.And I would like to hear him tell you about that period.

It is the book I have read most often and I keep laughing.I can recommend it to anyone.

That seems clear to me.If I can do as a drink, then with the first woman on Earth. That would bring a lot of light to the origin of man and religion. Was it Eva or Lillith. Or completely someone else, and have both the Christians and the Jews wrong.

It would turn the world upside down anyway because I would be the only one with certainty.I would probably commit suicide afterwards…..

You shouldn’t focus on the past.

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