Will we soon have no water on Earth? What are the possible scenarios to prevent a disaster?

The next hundreds of millions of years there will be water on earth.

The water that is available as drinking water and for agriculture is significantly reduced in some areas.

In the Netherlands we have to pay particular attention that we do not stop too many weird things in the water, then there is enough drinking water.In the future, a higher sea level can cause salinisation of a part of the Netherlands.

Salt water can be desalinated.That costs a lot of energy and therefore also money. Not too big a problem for the Netherlands.

A potential disaster is that poor people cannot afford water.Solidarity could be a solution. History teaches that it is there, but usually rather inadequate.

In Africa, a large lake is falling.Partly because of the huge number of people living around it. In India is a very fertile area which is now getting less rain.

For some parts of the world, the problems are very large.We are working on pipelines and other solutions. They don’t come fast enough. People will want to migrate. They don’t want them anywhere else.

These problems will eventually be solved, the question is how much suffering in the meantime.

Over hundreds of millions of years, the sun will become unpleasantly hot.If there are still people, water becomes a big problem.

Maarja, so also hundreds of millions of years time to improve technology.

Huge sunlight-proofing screens in space could be a solution.ISAAC Arthur makes English-language videos with these kinds of themes.

A lot of oxygen and hydrogen is also in the Earth, in many different chemical compounds.Partly this is free when you drill very deeply. Partly it may be freed up with the right chemical reactions.

Comets also contain plenty of water.Quite difficult to get that on Earth. But perhaps possible in the very distant future.

So when the need really comes to the man, there are plenty of options to stretch it even hundreds of millions of years.

There is already a chemical on the market that you can throw in the dirtiest stream of water and then just drink it.So I’m not worried about that.

Freshwater do you mean?

Because salt water is sufficient.

Although it is now quite pricey to make fresh water from salt water, I think that if the need is really high that there is more energy going to fresh water production.So really without water we do not come but it will become more expensive.

The amount of water on Earth is a zero-sum game.There is always the same amount of water on earth.

Whether it is drinkable is something else.But yes, there will always be drinkable water.
Humanity is smart enough to be sure of drinking water, though it differs by geographic and political area.

I don’t think so.I recommend you to watch this video

The thing is, that there are small pieces of plastic that can be seated, whatever we have now.Only if this dust could clean up the small pieces of plastic, we would not be bothered. So I would not worry about it, in much of the drinking water is already plastic, even in our body is already plastic because of this, and we can still survive just fine.

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