Will the young climate trusteers get something concrete from the government for the climate?

Welnee, those children reach nothing at all.Rutte has quite different goals than pleasing activist schoolchildren. Rutte always has two central goals, firstly to see the best possible deal for business from the fire, and secondly, to give the voters the feeling that their interests are central to him. If these two goals seem to be clashing, he simply says that a healthy business is indispensable for employment and thus the Dutch prosperity.

In reality, the VVD is mainly about the interests of the shareholders, the capital factor, not the employees, the labour factor.There are other parties and trade unions in the optics of people like Rutte.

Those climate truers will be faced with much charm and quasi interest, but return home empty-handed.

No!Simply because they do not play electorate, anyone under 18 may not vote yet. In addition, climate trudlers are only duping themselves with their actions not those of the government. Their school results suffer below and are less compared to those who do not truancy. This deteriorates their starting position for the future. The degree to which depends on the duration of course. In addition, it is something that a lot of people do with the finger pointing to someone else who needs to solve the problem instead of putting hands in their own bosom. A lot of sympathieers would be, if all these teenagers would stop eating and wearing animal products, the scooter would do the door, not to go on a holiday with the plane, and preferably take as short a cold shower as possible, the waste parted, longer with their mobile phone than the usual 2 years to counter waste etc etc. Improve the world but start with yourself is the motto I have to think too often.

What they actually say: we are going to be duping ourselves because we are not prepared to adapt our lifestyles.But we do expect the government to solve the problem.

Incidentally, I partly agree with my predecessor that the VVD is not there for non-productive activists.They are very little. The VVD is a party that seeks to strengthen the position of workers ‘ productives, compared to the non-workers. They do this by making social services of which non-workers mainly use and alleviate burdens in any form whatsoever. That this does not always succeed in practice is mainly because compromises must be made, this is not only a VVD cabinet but also the CDA, D 66 and the ChristianUnion are represented. The burden of any climatic measures is also fully borne by the producers (workers) that is also the reason why this party is the most critical of this. Yes a steelworks in the Netherlands emit a lot of CO2, but a steel plant in China certainly emits so much, if not more CO2. If you close Zo N plant in the Netherlands, you reduce CO2 on paper in the Netherlands, which is then emitted elsewhere. Because we need steel in the Netherlands and it is then imported. Resulting in a lot of economic damage and job losses. Maw if the Netherlands really wants to reduce Co2, it will really have to come from the people themselves. And is pointing to the government by whoever is really too simple.

When I hear Greta Thunberg speaking, for which I have a lot of admiration, I see myself when I had that age.

The frustration and the cynical worldview are typical.It is true that they say: insights are not sufficiently transposed into policy. It is also true that it is extremely important that something is urgently being done.

However, converting to policy is not that simple.If you ask, you will always get an excuse to avoid this in the 鈧?虄climate-鈩? I have heard so many times that one wants the 鈧?艙government with climate scientists around the table to go zitten 鈧?

That just revolve around the pot, because the criticism is just that it is insufficiently transformed into policy.What policy do you want concretely?Policy is particularly difficult. If you enter a fuel tax to reduce [Mathco ^ 2 [/math emissions, you’ll have protests after a few weeks anyway.This is the way it is for almost every measure.

Many of the measures that do work will be countered.I am a major advocate of nuclear energy. In my opinion, it is the only way to drastically decrease the pollution caused by energy production.However, most are 鈧?虄greens against this, often on the basis of irrational arguments.

The climate trubblers are a social movement.It is a group of young people who are calling around an ideal, as young people have been doing for a long time. But they have no concrete requirements, and so the chance is very small that it will come to concrete measures.

We also have a plan to tackle climate warming.You can find it here: Drawdown.What is very important here is that many measures often yieldnet money.Often the economy is protesting, but it is much more constructive to put specific goals at the forefront of the economy.Look at a plan like Drawdown, adapt it to the context of the region, and then talk to a minister. Then you have a negotiating base. Now you only have hollow slogans.

For the sake of clarity, I think that the ministers themselves should take a far more initiative and therefore agree with the message of the climate truers.I only think that they could develop more constructively by coming forward with more concrete measures.

For the time being, the climate is better off without the government.

That’s hard to predict.They are too young to really make concrete demands unless someone prewhispers them and then they lose the credibility of innocent youth.

Perhaps it is better if they do not reach something concrete but instead contribute to an atmosphere in which those politicians who like to raise their climate are going to realise a little bit of light that this can no longer be at this time.Perhaps they will show some more of their political teeth to those who think they are so important that they are of course exempt from having to do something. Politic have a strong tendency to pass all the climate corv茅e on the ordinary man and hold the big boys over the head. And that really needs to be different.

And yes, the VVD has quite a hand.

Yes, but maybe not so fast.It is mainly the climate truers who will do something concrete for the climate. This action has a hugely positive impact on their development. Some will choose a study that is directly related to the climate, others will become politically active and discover which buttons you can all press to get something done. Don’t forget: The burger still has the most power. Of myself I think sometime 鈧?艗i have more power than the councellor with the least power 鈧?and that goes for everyone. You can really get a lot of it.

The strike has not only effect on the pupils themselves, but also on their environment.Parents, teachers. It stimulates the awareness of the catastrophe where we are in the middle. It also stimulates the willingness to do something. In The Hague, of course, we prefer to continue on the old foot, the economy has to grow. There is only a disaster when the herd would shrink, but at the same time they are being pushed to the facts by the youth.

Within politics it is perhaps only the party of the animals that understands the problems really well, all the other parties are also trapped in the game of power, but the message is getting louder: We are now making a huge catastrophe.What do we do about it?

I do not think, because the accents are put on the wrong placed.
As I mentioned earlier, they will only succeed in slowing down the process and, at best, obtaining a status quo.
I once had this conversation with my nephew.I asked him then: 鈧?艗what do you have to do to not do what we did? 鈧?He did not understand immediately what I wanted to say.
Do you also make the same mistakes?Putting too many children in the world? (By the way, the developments with Orban in Hungary do not really inspire me to trust for the future. Promoting large families by Taxfree by living from 4 children?)
Travelling by plane and that several times a year?
Purchase even more unnecessary electrical appliances to recharge?
Always the latest gadgets?
And so much more!However, they inherit the world, they will have to do something about it, they become the next world leaders. They can complete our selfish way of acting. We will have long been of this world if our heirs are facing the burden.
I sincerely hope that they will never be truancy if something really needs to be done!

Obviously not.Politicians do not like concretely. Furthermore, the VVD does as little as possible to climate and the few things they do try to completely pass them on to the citizen

That is not what they are about. It would be nice but is not expecting.

They only want to make it clear that more needs to be done than talking about it.

Of course they want to do that, but they are very well aware that children are being listened to badly.

But they don’t want to have done anything about it, so that’s why this action.

Source: Interview on the Youth Journal last week, but then paraphrased in summary.

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