Will technology bring damage to the future?

At the same time as the rise of the Homo sapiens, large predators began to die from everywhere in the world.

Partly this had to do with the end of the Ice Age.Partly these animals were displaced by humans.

People have always changed the world.

The changes have been going faster in the last few centuries.So quickly, it is possible that we endanger our own future. Examples are climate change and insect mortality.

There is a group of people who as a solution see the return to nature.However, the current population should be reduced to about one-tenth of the current population. This seems impossible to me without inhumane measures within the time scale needed to solve current problems.

However, without technology there will also be changes that may be detrimental to people.Without technology we would have nothing to do with it. For example new diseases, comets and natural climate changes.

With technology, in the future even some of the damage could be reversed again.I expect that within a few generations it will be possible to bring some recently extinct animals back into nature.

Perhaps the problem arose when people started to make the first stone weapons.Solutions to these problems will then lead to new problems. So everything goes well as long as we can quickly get enough new solutions…

Certainly not.As you can cut bread with a loaf knife, which fortunately is also by far the most use of the thing, you can also do h脙 漏 le other things with it.

That money for 脙 漏 lk piece technique: a garden-kick, a car, a computer, a water pump pliers, a truck, etc etc.

鈧?艗for each action there is an equivalent opposing response 鈧? 鈧?娄

If you mean by 鈧?艙the future of us as humanity, this question is sure to answer yes.If only because this process has long been initiated.

An example that is already in full media: antibiotics.We have benefited from it for a while, but are overtaken by our own carelessness. We have caused resistance. There is a high probability that we will pay the price for it in the near future. The nuclear bomb is, thank goodness until today, only used to successfully end a war and then to prevent war. But how long yet? For many years, and sometimes still, we have dumped our waste wherever it was not directly in the way. That we get that once, literally, back on our sign is almost inevitable. And can we control our curiosity about the possibilities of techniques like AI for the sake of our safety or is it actually the cover of Pandora’s box?

Think about it for a little while. There are certainly many more examples of how we have already paved our ways….

She has always done so.See climate change, environmental pollution,… but would anyone of us want to live in the Middle Ages? We should never forget to look at the whole picture and weigh the advantages of the progress against the disadvantages. Despite all the disadvantages, the balance is nevertheless positive. Without technology there was also no answer to this question

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