Why would a computer science study teach you JavaScript?

No idea, actually.But there is often a bit of programming knowledge and JavaScript is a hugely popular language for simple programming. A bit like BASIC was used for similar purposes earlier.

Python would also be a good option but JavaScript has a syntax similar to ANSI C and several other popular languages.With knowledge of JavaScript, you should be able to understand a lot of code.

If you know C then that is also the case but C code has to be compiled while JavaScript is being interpreted.So your code is directly executable. After all

Without a compiler, you can spend more time on your work…

There are many other scripting languages that can be used but JavaScript is part of pretty much all the web browsers and so used tremendously.

That makes it a good choice.

Presumably you will have a module somewhere about web development.This module will be linked to a command to succeed.

If the contemporary construction of the study computer science is about the same as I have gotten them, get 1 lesson of 4 hours per week.First lesson is HTML, second is CSS, third is JavaScript, fourth is MySQL, fifth is Apache Webserver, sixth is PHP. Seventh/Eighth is the assignment and vrahen about the assignment.
As you can see, you don’t get a lot of contact hours and actually you open a new textbook after each lesson and do a tutorial.
So your question is actually a trick question: JavaScript is not taught in computer science studies… You will learn yourself JavaScript outside the hours.

Why you should know JavaScript?However, JavaScript is the language that the Internet has won and is now used in many places as the (default) language:

So in addition to Web Development (Front-end: Angular/React and Back-end: Node. js)
You will also find JavaScript in:

(Copied from the English Wikipedia because I do not like so type)

Embedded scripting language

Google’s Chrome extensions, Opera’s extensions, Apple’s Safari 5 extensions, Apple’s dashboard Widgets, Microsoft’s Gadgets, Yahoo!Widgets, Google Desktop Gadgets, and Serence KlipFolio are implemented using JavaScript.

The MongoDB Database Few queries written in JavaScript.MongoDB and NodeJS are the core components of MEAN: a solution stack for creating WEB applications using just JavaScript.

The Cluster Point Database Accept queries written in JS/SQL, which is a combination of SQL and JavaScript.Cluster point has built-in computing engine that allows execution of JavaScript code right inside the distributed database.

Adobe’s Acrobat and Adobe Reader support JavaScript in PDF files. [87

Tools in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, and InDesign, allow scripting through JavaScript.

LibreOffice, an Office application suite, allows JavaScript to be used as a scripting language.

The Visual programming Language Max, released by Cycling ‘ 74, offers a JavaScript model of its environment for use by developers.It allows users to reduce visual clutter by using an object for a task rather than many.

Apple’s Logic Pro X digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software can create custom MIDI effects plugins using JavaScript. [88

The Unity game engine supported a modified version of JavaScript for scripting via Mono until 2017. [89

DX Studio (3D engine) uses the SpiderMonkey implementation of JavaScript for game and simulation logic. [90

Maxwell Render (Rendering software) provides an ECMA standard based scripting engine for tasks automation. [91

Google Apps Script in Google sheets and Google Sites allows users to create custom formulas, automate repetitive tasks and also interact with other Google products such as Gmail. [92

Many IRC clients, like ChatZilla or XChat, use JavaScript for their scripting abilities. [93 [94

RPG Maker MV uses JavaScript as its scripting language. [95

The Text editor UltraEdit uses JavaScript 1.7 as internal scripting language, introduced with version 13 in 2007.

Scripting engine

Microsoft’s Active Scripting technology supports JScript as a Scripting language. [96

Java introduced the javax. Script package in version 6 that includes a JavaScript implementation based on Mozilla Rhino.Thus, Java applications can host scripts that access the application’s variables and objects, much like Web browsers host scripts that access a Web Page’s Document Object Model (DOM). [97 [98

The Qt C++ Toolkit includes a QtScript module to interpret JavaScript, analogous to Java’s javax. Script package. [99

OS X Yosemite introduced JavaScript for Automation (JXA), which is built upon JavaScriptCore and the Open Scripting Architecture.It features an Objective-C bridge that enables entire COCOA applications to be programmed in JavaScript.

Late Night Software’s JavaScript OSA (also known as JavaScript for OSA, or JSOSA) is a freeware alternative to AppleScript for OS X. It is based on the Mozilla JavaScript 1.5 implementation, with the addition of a MacOS object for interaction with the operating system and third-party applications.

Application Platform

See also: List of server-side JavaScript implementations-Wikipedia

ActionScript, the programming language used in Adobe Flash, is another implementation of the ECMAScript standard.

Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a JavaScript Runtime that allows developers to create desktop applications.

Electron is an open-source framework developed by GitHub.

CA Technologies Autoshell Cross-application scripting environment is built on the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.It contains preprocessor-like extensions for command definition, as well as custom classes for various system-related tasks like file I/O, Operation system command invocation and redirection, and COM scripting.

Apache Cordova is a mobile application development framework

Cocos2d is an open source software framework.It can be used to build games, apps and other cross platform GUI based interactive programs

Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is an open source framework for embedding a Web browser engine based on the Chromium core

RhoMobile Suite is a set of development tools for creating data-centric, cross-platform, native mobile consumer and enterprise applications.

NW. js call all Node. js modules directly from DOM and enable a new way of writing applications with all WEB technologies. [100

GNOME Shell, the shell for the GNOME 3 desktop environment, [101 made JavaScript its default programming language in 2013. [ 102

The Mozilla application Framework (XPFE) platform, which underlies Firefox, Thunderbird, and some other Web browsers, uses JavaScript to implement the graphical user interface (GUI) of its various products.

QT Quick’s Markup Language (available since Qt 4.7) uses JavaScript for its application logic.Its provisioning syntax is also similar to JavaScript.

Ubuntu Touch provides a JavaScript API for its unified usability interface.

Open webOS is the next generation of web-centric platforms built to run on a wide range of form factors. [103

Enyo JS is a framework to develop apps for all major platforms, from phones and tablets to PCs and TVs [104

WinJS provides a special Windows Library for JavaScript functionality in Windows 8 that enables the development of Modern style (formerly Metro style) applications in HTML5 and JavaScript.

NativeScript is an open-source framework to develop apps on the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Weex is a framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI, created by China Tech giant Alibaba [105

XULRunner is packaged version of the Mozilla platform to enable standalone desktop application development

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