Why we choose in the Netherlands for a high school consisting of different levels, while in other countries there is no question (e.g. High School)? Is it not surprising that we do not offer all students the same training and opportunities?

Your high school level is determined by a final Test in Group 8 of the primary school.This test shows which level suits you best and what you can best start with. If that is the basis then you start on basis and you can, for example, after your basic diploma flow through to framework oriented learning path or mixed/theoretical learning path. When you start on a mixed/theoretical learning path, you can go to Havo after graduating. This also applies, for example, to the flow of Havo to VWO. The only drawback is when you want to move on to a higher level, if your figures allow it, that you are again a year longer in high school, because if you start at GLTL for example and you want to flow to havo then you start after your fourth year of GLTL not in The fifth of the Havo but in the fourth to keep up with the lesson material. But to make a long story short: You can start on the basis and end with a VWO diploma. So here in the Netherlands you get as many opportunities as in America for example.

Precisely by having different levels of鈩?s, we give all pupils opportunities.

It is an illusion that all people have equal capacities.I have done VWO and a university study. My son has other abilities and could not possibly do the same training.

However, because we have training courses for different people with different levels of鈩?s, we all have opportunities to develop ourselves optimally within our own possibilities.

The American 鈧?虄High School is a typical example of how not to do it.Because besides 鈧?虄High School you have private schools of a higher level. But those are only reserved for people with a certain level of prosperity.

About the idea of 鈧?虄We send everyone to the MAVO, but if you have money, you may go to the HAVO or VWO ‘.

Not only in the Netherlands there are cattle-varying Levels鈩?s in high school.This also exists in other countries such as Belgium and Germany.

Bv.In Belgium We have ASO, TSO, BSO, KSO and BUSO.

  • ASO = general secondary Education
  • TSO = Technical Secondary Education
  • BSO = Vocational secondary Education
  • KSO = Art Secondary Education
  • BUSO = Bijzoner Secondary Education

In Belgium this is so developed that everyone has a chance to have a diploma in different degrees of difficulty.In some orientungen of TSO and BSO you sometimes have to do a 7th specialisation year and you are ready to work, but of course you can always study further.

In America there is only High school and this is only at 1 level, so the schools sometimes make their pupils so easy that they succeed quickly.In America it does not depend very much on what you have done in the secondary, but to which College or University you have been.

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