Why shouldn’t a seller be offended if a customer doesn’t reply when he says hello?

My first job was as a saleswoman at the Hema.

What I learned there?Customers can be really rude.But that always yielded nice stories in the canteen, the more annoying the customer, the more fun the anecdote.

I might have been insulted from rude customers at the beginning.At one point I made so many weird things with customers, that I was nowhere more amazed by it. Customers who said nothing back were perhaps the least-terrible customers I saw in my shopping career.

I have often made it enough that a customer did not reacted when I said hello/Good morning/good afternoon.They usually reacted again when I asked if they wanted a bag to go around or if I wished for another fine day.

Then it’s just end well, all good.

The most boring are customers who say nothing at all. That’s so uncomfortable!No, we don’t need to make a call, but I do ask questions like: “do You want to pay appropriately or with the pin? ” Or “Do you want a bag around it?”
Hello, what do you want?I was always happy when those customers were away. It’s just not fine when you’re ignored. I also had regular customers who didn’t say anything structurally, then I said nothing to them. Maybe they found that fine.

In addition, customers were offended faster than I did myself. One time a customer flipped because I didn’t seem to mind her deep enough in the eyes.As a “punishment” she did not see me anymore.

Or that customer who flipped because I said “Good Morning” .Because how could I say that? She had cancer and so no tomorrow is any more good.
Really, come on say.

I always drew my shoulders, handled everything neatly with the client and then asked, “Who can I help?”

That’s called professionalism.The seller says “Hello” to be customer-friendly, not to engage in actual conversation. It shouldn’t be a salesperson to make out if a customer says “Hello” as long as it pays, right?

I don’t have problem as well.Be rather satisfied with that one nice customer than to be insulted about the customers who don’t feel like communicating. I am not served if I come to buy something somewhere and sellers want to interfere with me. I am allergic to sellers who should actively do something of me, and call that quickly pushy.

Because the salesman must feel insulted all day.No man has the time or desire for that.

Seems to me very exhausting to be constantly but insulted by customers who do not say a day.It’s supposed to be a little bit.

Incidentally, this is separate from the fact that I do not find it decent to greet people, when someone greeting me.Though it is an unknown.

They always say ‘ customer is king ‘ but I find that complete nonsense.Purely because you as a customer are able to give the store your pennies, and the shop revolves around cents, it does not mean that you can behave indecent. But that’s just common sense?

A salesman is just a human being and he will not like such a reaction and may feel offended.

But, as a salesman, you can’t afford to let those feelings play.On the contrary, you set yourself aside and focus your attention on the customer with concern, careful sounding and listening attentively.

May be that the customer did not hear you, that he was in mind, that there is something wrong with the product or with the service, that he had mot with his wife, that he just got bad news, out of work, that his boss had just pointed him back to an error , that he may not do you so, and so on.

Whatever it may be.Now that you know better, you can react more effectively and constructive.

The reality is your friend.

That said Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers.

Thank you for your A2A Sassa!

A bit of a bow question…..

Do not answer if someone says “Hello”, that is a weak ground to feel insulted.At least if it is once (you do not visit the same store every week or every day but at most occasionally). The customer may simply be scattered, or may be trying to evaluate the product (!). Of course, if someone would do that a number of times, or you suspect there is something dark behind (stereotyping of the seller?), then it is different.

Every salesperson is a man, but this man is a salesman.Depending on who is coming into that shop, it MAY be (hopefully not) that he must learn to deal with regularly rude people to meet. If that fails, there is a problem.

Why shouldn’t a seller be offended?

  • He can understand that a customer is not always attentive.
  • He can understand that not giving an answer is not always meant to be offensive.
  • He can collect it if necessary.
  • He does not let himself be put by a trifle of his piece.
  • He has no inflated ego.
  • He has no lack of self-esteem.
  • And so there are more reasons for a balanced person NOT to be offended.

What a lot of ‘ not ‘ in demand.Am I doing well if I don’t slash the word ‘ not ‘ twice? Not?

Because the seller has to take into account that this customer may have a very bad day and the silence is not personal.

The customer may be so busy with all that he still has to do that day he doesn’t even notice it.

The customer can be very rushed and thinks that it is necessary to keep the chances of every conversation as small as possible.Presumably the customer will in this situation by means of body language, intonation, speaking tempo, etc. Let’s notice he’s rushed.

And so there are still some scenarios to come up with.However, I will always greet a shopkeeper. Whether he or she is doing it first or not.

The customer is king.

The seller is not even offends if the customer says evil: ‘ Oh, you are finally here, I have been waiting for you for a long time ‘.The customer is king. In his emotions, he looks like a little child, just like the real king. You try to create a pleasant environment for the customer in order to make a good choice for the customer.

Of course, someone can behave perfectly unreasonably, but then suddenly he is no longer a customer, unless you have obligations to him.

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