Why is the United States of America the ‘ best ‘ country?

America the best country?Let us just compare it to all other developed countries for fairness. America, a country where they do not want universal health care because they see it as slavery and an invasion of their freedom. A country with ridicule weapon laws where in 2017 more than 40,000 people were murdered by a weapon. A country with, literally, the oat blow, mass shootings and schoolshootings. A country where the police kill more people than any developed country. Where they constantly mix religion and politics. A developed country fuller with religion insane than any other country as well. Where millions of people are idiotic enough to voluntarily rob themselves by crooks (like Joel Osteen) in countless mega churches. Where the vast majority of flat earthers come from. Where almost 40% of the entire population does not believe in evolution. A country where racism is still a huge problem. Where gay are still in far too many places is abhorted. A country where a group of disgusting Trumpian men want to get the abortion right away in their state. A country that is seen by almost all other countries as the dumbest country. Here are some actually researched facts. 7% VD Americans (mind you that there are 23.1 million) who believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. 25% believe that God influences the Super bowl. In a pol where people were asked what HTML was, 11% thought it was an SOA. In A survey where 500 high school students were surveyed, 6% could not even designate their own country on a map. One in three succeeded in pointing out the United Kingdom, and two thirds thought that the population of America was between 750 million and 2 billion. A country that has probably never been as divided as it is now. And let us not forget, above all, that this is the country that has put a totally idiotic racist narcissistic hate sowing dangerous David into power.

No, America is far from the best country in the world.

They are technologically the most progressive, and the attitude is to dominate the world.As well as public policy. Whether this is good or best; For a few. Parts of the US are really no better than a third world country.

I am still not so sure that America is the best country. Officially you have freedom of expression, but in practice, the police will be knocking at you when you hold a, say, very avant garde opinion on it.The only thing that America has for all other Western countries is that it has freedom of religion-to my knowledge every other Western country has a state religion. But in those countries with a state religion it often concerns the religion of the royal house. In America, however, it is governed by constitution that there is no official state religion. And to my knowledge, that is not so in any other country in the west. For the rest, there is nothing that makes America better. When I look at politics there, it is more a one party state, and a large proportion of the population is from or religion-minded or insane who live in the forest and think that the government can attack them any time; People who are openly neo Nazi and people who openly admit that the fate of another does not give them thunder.

You can gauge the quality of a society of how one deals with the weakists in that society: the elderly, the sick, people without work, etc.And half of the population in the US wants to abolish all social services, which often do not even have to smell the gap of those of the other Western countries, so that they have to pay less tax one or two tents a year. The school system is sadly poor, which, of course, also explains in part why that what is now in the White House could actually get stuck. Home schooling is an actual phenomenon there.

The idea that America is the best country stems mainly from the Americans themselves.They actually think that it is a privilege to be in America and/or to live. They also think they are entitled to make it as tricky as possible for visitors (Esta, Api, endless border controls) to enter. At the same time, they are fierce when another country takes similar, often weaker, measures for American visitors. Compare the US reaction the fact that Brazil played for a while with the idea of: you want to pass our compatriots before they can come, well then we do that with your countrymen. Or that has ever come of it, I don’t know, but the furious reaction from America towards Brazil is typical of how the Americans think.

I like OHA in the US to visit family, but the statement that the US is the best country in the world is Mi nonsense.For that, they walk too far behind with western Europe. Here it seemed to Obama that they began to find connection with Western Europe, but with what is now in the White House, that opportunity has been in the interim and sinking to a third world country level.

All in all, I like America’s best, but to say that t is the best country in the world, in my opinion, is exaggerated and absurd.There are better countries to be found.

Try to sow wheat in the USA and in Europe.Then you see how great the country is there. That is why so many Europeans were pulled there.

Constitutional freedom of speech, something Europeans do not have and is fundamental to a good society.

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