Why is the government not doing anything that more and more people are obese?

Frankly, I do not want the government to do something about this directly.What someone eats and how much someone moves is a matter of that person and not the government. The Government is there, or should be there, to mediate when certain issues between two or more parties can cause conflicts.

To be clear: I also think it is better if people eat healthy and move enough.I just do not think that a government can punish people through all sorts of idiotic taxes as a sugar or fat tax, which often also give a wrong signal, for certain eating habits that no one else is harming. People still have the right to make their own choices, even if others do not agree with those choices.

What the government can and cannot do is to tackle poverty.Obesity is mainly found in poorer families where self-care is a lower priority and sometimes, to make a little stereotyped, it is lived on a diet of pizza, beer and cheap sitcoms.

The government thinks that it should not interfere with it, but that should be due to the follow-up health.

There are a number of issues that the government can do.

To impose:

  • Hidden sugars (and to a lesser extent fats)
  • Size of portions
  • “Snackability” (which prevents your body from being full and still eating)


  • Opportunities to get to work by bike
  • Establishment policy of employers
  • Housing (and thus the possibilities to move closer to your work)

Oh and the government can make additional research into the indications that obesity is contagious (because caused by possible pathogens).

So why do they not do anything about it?

It’s a pretty tricky issue.Obesity has to do with fat and sugar addiction and with too little exercise.

Fat and sugar consumption is mainly promoted by the food industry.We usually eat from the factory, canned, sauces from a bottle or a bag, etc. We just give the grip on our own food, because why you should make Muesli of yoghurt, oats and raisins, if you can also buy delicious Crunzy Muesli. You do not want your children to be in tears ‘ Mama loop I do not ‘, and you also prefer a fair and safe diet of a trusted brand. You just want the very best.

Fat and sugar makes the food really tasty, so it also sells better.The government can set rules, but fat and sugar are approved foodstuffs, further regulation is especially complex because the company’s public is sitting on the lap. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Brussels.

People with obesity have voting rights.Rightly of course, because their greater appetite is an incentive for the economy. Moreover, the fuller ladies are almost as militant as homosexuals, so the government has every interest in keeping our heavyweights to friend. Or may we sometimes not choose what we put into our mouths?

In education we are very knowledgeable.That more exercise, apekewes at gym, the best way to learn more, has not yet penetrated to The Hague. Luckily, every Dutchman is regularly on the bike, otherwise the inner cities are already hiding with active full of slender people, who pull out in their tricycles.

Being thick is a human right.That it costs you ten to twenty years of your life? ‘ So What! ‘ We have not all been too fat. Diabetes or heart failure? All other people get cancer again. We do not have to take the measure. And is it sometimes not tasty?

Possible measures are:

  • Higher load on soft drinks and beer.
  • Higher load on fried snacks.
  • Lower fat and sugar levels in different foods
  • More nutritional education at school.
  • Medical study also training to dietitian.

So doctors instead of just prescribing medications also learn to give nutritional advice.

  • At least three hours of gymnastics in primary education, this especially as free play.
  • Cycling lessons, swimming lessons, etcetera. Because the government has nothing to say about it.They are the multinationals and big-pharma driven by profit optimisation that keep you fat and unhealthy. That way they deserve baking with money to you.

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