Why is the doctor of medicine so easy to get?

I consider this to be a very important issue, as it has a clear influence on the value and comparability of academic qualifications.

The doctorate is the highest academic degree and proof that you can work independently in a scientific field.This means that this academic degree qualifies a graduate student or Master to scientist.

Now it is not surprising that the vast number of graduates do not want to become scientists and do not need to become suitable for needs.Rather, they are executors of a high level of ambition in their field of expertise. However, if one looks at the proportion of doctorates by subject area, as a percentage of the number of graduates, two areas of expertise stand out – human medicine and law.

For German medical practitioners, the proportion with a doctorate is around 60%, and for lawyers at least 20%. Both other subjects, on the other hand, in the single digits (sic!).The fact that the share of physicians and lawyers in the total number of doctorates does not occupy the top positions is simply due to the fact that there are more graduates in the engineering and natural sciences.

However, since the vast majority of physicians and lawyers are not scientifically active at all, a glaring disproportion arises.In these cases, it is primarily a question of prestige and income. A doctorate in practice or Law firm makes an impression. Such an academic at a university is rather self-evident.

However, it is particularly problematic for the medical profession.Especially because it is a German phenomenon, which has even led to the German Dr. med. internationally is not recognised as equivalent. This is essentially due to the fact that the mass of German doctorates in human medicine often do not even have the scientific value of a master’s thesis and are usually created almost incidentally while the state examination is taken.

I would ask you not to misunderstand this, since a practical physician with a state examination and a specialist doctor’s degree is usually a well-qualified doctor who is equally qualified internationally.In the first place, no substantial further qualification can be derived from the doctorate. In the medical field, this is almost a traditional addition for comparatively little content.

Finally, I shall return to my starting sentence.The German Dr. med. is not equivalent to doctorates from other subjects and therefore distorts the content, qualification and value of the doctorate itself, especially with regard to the doctors who are actually researching, most of whom must be given great respect for their work.

It should therefore be put to an end to a tradition of appearance.The proverbial doctors of the practising medical profession should have the courage to simply call themselves doctors or to call themselves doctors. in the case of a genuine scientific interest, also to develop a doctorate which is equivalent to its scientific content, to other doctorates. And this is not possible besides the state examination, which is certainly not easy to take, especially in medical studies.

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