Why is Queen Wilhelmina seen by some as a hero? The King of Denmark did not flee.

Hero or not.The Netherlands needed hope during the occupation. And Wilhelmina gave hope. She continued to speak to the people through radio broadcasts to make them aware that they would not be forgotten.

In general, it is better if a head of state is not captured by an occupying Power.The head of state, certainly a king or a queen can be used as a propaganda agent, it can provide legitimacy to the occupation, and it can serve as a blackmail agent.

By fleeing and staying out of the hands of the Nazis, the Dutch royal house has not given this opportunity to the occupying forces.

Whether that is heroic, or just sound political sense is to be seen.It has given the people who stayed behind in each case hope.

Preconceived, I have never heard anyone mention Queen Wilhelmina as a hero.Heard several justifications for the fact that they fled to England.

The fact is that the government in exile continued to inspire the Dutch people.That could not have been the same way, when they had remained.

Another fact is that the Danish royal House continued to inspire the Danish people.That could not have been the same way, when they had remained.

It is difficult to reason afterwards whether it was done properly or not.The only thing that can be said is that both princes continued to move for their country and did not cooperate with the occupying forces, as for example the head of state of the Vatican City did.

There were tens of millions of nationals in unoccupied territory.I think it was a very correct decision.

If she had remained, she was now known as a collaborator or in the armor the martyrdom died.From London she could do some more.

Because this fit well in the image that both the royal family and the then government wanted to create and then continue to live.On the one hand, to allow space to remain for the entire presence of the royal house in the future and to protect the Netherlands from all too noisy needs of the Republic instead of a kingdom.

P.S. the word “some” in the question is incorrect and “some” should be ringing.

The fact is that she first wanted to go to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen when it was clear that the Hague was no longer safe.The German Luftwaffe were very active by the time, they with the English naval ship! I always find that weird, why was there no Dutch ship? No one came to the idea to have a boat ready in case?

But well, HMS Hereward’s captain has then set sail to England.That was also command of the British. And the King of Belgium, who remained, never came to the throne later. Therefore, his son Baldwin came to the throne at a very young age. It was popular, but his father Leopold III was hated by many. Certainly through the Walloon side. He still had influence with the young Boudewijn but that became less and less after the arrival of Queen Fabiola.

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