Why is no one rewriting the Bible?

I offer myself.With the help of people like Laura Hurt, Yeral Buisman and a few more, we will make it a very popular work. Without God, but with man. All we need is a few financiers. I hear it though.

Indeed, in a limited sense, the Bible has been rewritten countless times, in its translations.A translation that is understood requires a clear wording of the message, such as the original wording. The aim of translators is to preserve the original message as much as possible.

That requires a certain amount of interpretation.The harder to translate, the more interpretation will be needed. Interpretation is best steered by the close connection. Nevertheless, the more interpretation the greater the likelihood that more of the message can be lost.

Therefore, a more general, more voluminous, loose, rewriting of the Bijjbel, would be strongly influenced by the vision, the notion, the institution, of the rewriter.

The message of such a rewritten Bible can then be very different from the message of the Bible as described in the original languages.

Well… The Bible is actually a collective book of different people.

What we know now is not the original Bible either.If you can call it original because there is a chapter added every time. And go from there.

The first books.Gen ex Lev num duit if it is good. Have changed several times and are to censorship.

Nefrelim (or something) are for example worked out, that are half man half angel children.The reason of the deluge.

There are also whole stories of Enoch (the man who walked between the gods) left or changed.

There was also the Bible that reincarnation existed in the past.But because suicide was more attractive by that fact, they also deleted it.

The question then is what are you going to rewrite and for what purpose.The truth? Your own vision?

My Bible are science books… These are regularly rewritten.So I think it is best.

Because all these passages are about how to deal with your slaves, who describe that the value of a goat is greater than that of a woman, and if you dare to wear clothes made of different fabrics you deserve to be stoned (and Much more of that kind of ‘ wise ‘) show how outdated it is to continue to pursue a religion in Anno 2019, which even preaches that kind of backsliding.

Most Christians cherry-pick in their bible.They only extract those things that are pleasing to them and forget all the weird nonsense that is still there. (Luckily but incidentally, we would live in a fundamentalist country differently)

But it is hard to cry that only man and woman are allowed to marry and in the meantime wear a mix of polyester and cotton comes to me rather hypocritical.

How can you base your faith on a book where you only extract a few wise paragraphs?What condition does your faith have in a book with an associated system of wise and moralities if you ignore the things you do not like about that book? While that is just as good the word of your God?

If we were to rewrite the Bible to the parts they follow, it becomes a very thin booklet with a Christmas story and some general wise.

Muhammad has made a fairly successful remake of the Bible.

I did this on your own.A time ago I was some screwing with scripting. I then downloaded the whole Bible in simple text files and then through the whole text, everywhere that was and died, shoot and shot heroin made of it. That was funnier than I expected.

No book has been rewritten as often as the Bible.According to Wikipedia, the Bible is translated into more than 450 languages. According to the EO, there are 511. Every translation will be a retaling. Heron is translating into an understandable language.

The Bible was first written in Hebrew and Arameens (old Testament) and in the new Testament was written in Greek.This is again translated into Latin and later, by Luther in German. And all did this to honor and conscience. Again later the Hebrew texts are transformed into modern languages and these texts are again regularly improved. Only in Dutch there are already more than 30 translations, all of which differ more or less from each other; An example is below.

Because of the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a discussion has come again or the Bible has to be revised, we knew the old Testament, the Tenach, from Genesis to the book of Daniel, which probably 175 BC.Written and the new Testament. There was nothing in between. When studying the roles, it was found that many perspectives in the new Testament are about two, three hundred years older and that the new one is a continuation and interpretation of the old. Theoretically, you could say that after the new discoveries the old textbook is sometimes a reprint. I only fear that the various Christian denominations are not yet in this matter.

Example of different translations

Most know that the story goes that God created heaven and earth.In the various Bible translations, the text is continued as follows:

Todense Bible (This translation from 2014 is seen as the most literal translation from Hebrew and will be very unknown to many people)

[2 The land has been in its own woiteness and mess, and darkness on the sight of the high tide and brainsadem of good swirling over the sight of the waters

Delft Bible

[2 Mer who Aerde was useless Ydel: Ende doncker present were on those Aensichten des afgronts. Ende goods gheest was Ghedraghen bouen den waters.

Vorsterman Bible

[2 Ende who was Aerde * Ydel) Ende Ledich, Ende those Duysternissen were the opt aensicht of the afground of God * gheest) drove opt * watere.)

Staten Translation

[2 The Aerde now was ferocious Ledich, Ende Duysternisse was on the Afgront: Ende the Spirit Godts swewed upon the waters.

Staten Translation

[2 The Earth now was fierce and empty, and darkness was upon the abyss; and the spirit of God hovered on the waters.

Revised State translation

[2 The Earth now was fierce and empty, and darkness lay over the flood of water; and the spirit of God hovered above the water.

Leidse Translation

[2Nd Aerde Now was ferocious Ledich, Ende Duysternisse was on the Afgront: Ende the Spirit Godts swewed on the waters.

Leidse Translation

[2 the earth was ferocious and shapeless, darkness prevailed upon the ocean, and God’s spirit covered the water–

NBG (Dutch Bible Society)

[2 The Earth now was fierce and empty, and darkness lay upon the flood, and the spirit of God hovered over the waters.

BB (Basic Bible)

[2 the earth was completely empty.

There was nothing yet. The earth was covered with water and it was completely dark. The spirit of God blew over the deep water.

BGT (Bible in plain language)

[2 The Earth now was fierce and empty, and darkness lay upon the flood, and the spirit of God hovered over the waters.

If you let Google translate this rule multiple times from language to language, you will get this as a result:

[2 before Dark and darkness was full of power and authority.

The wind lives in the sea.

The Protestant Bible is a collection of 66 particularly ancient writings.A library. The Catholic Bible contains beside those the scriptures still a few. These writings were written in a period of 1600 years by 40 writting. Some of these booklets are written in Hebrew and Aramaic (now called the Old Testament), and some in Greek (now called the new Testament).

In Antiquity, the various cultures each worshipped their own deities.Almost always, those religions were polytheistic. The word God is a title and not a name. That is why all the thousands of gods had a personal name.

The collection of booklets we now call the Bible have been selected by religious authorities and have a number of things in common.

  • All the writers were descendants of Jacob who later got the name Israel (warrior with God).

His descendants were called Israelites and also called Jews (God lovers).

  • All booklets are deemed to be inspired by only one God.
  • Also this God had a personal name, like all the other gods, N.L. JHWH. In Hebrew, initially only consonants were written, the vowels were added reading times. By superstitious fear one is at some point (after the time of Jesus) not to pronounce the name of God, so that today no one knows the right pronunciation. Some Bible Translations The answer is very simple;

    A) It has been attempted to rewrite a few times

    b) God has committed a curse to rewrite the Bible

    With those people who have tried to rewrite the Bible, it has not ended well over all ages.

    God also says Super clear NOTHING of what is described here will be added or dismissed, and God has ratified it with a curse.


    But if you have been called to do so, you now know what awaits you; An unpleasant existence.

    Point is you cannot just pretend to be God and pretend that you know better than God.Now you can say that you are not believed in God and that it is not valid for you……

    Well whether you are believed in God or not does not do anything to the fact that God is very good… In fact, your unbelief does not cause God to disappear or so. That would be weird.

    So if you think you should rewrite the Bible… Then I wish you a lot of success but that will cost you a very expensive price which, if you had previously known, did not want to pay.That is why I warn you of the consequences, but you have a good choice to take it seriously or not.

    And no this is not a threat… But just repeating what God himself declared has tav someone who will try to do this….

    You would not be the first or the last….

    Desires of God’s blessings and wisdom.

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