Why is making mistakes not so bad?

“Of your mistakes You can learn” is the saying.That can not only, it should even be. The worst are the mistakes that we people are going to hide, keep secret. They hinder your thoughts and your development, because they paralyze.

I see it so; You have to make mistakes.

Without errors, no improvement. I imagine that Einstein had a chalkboard and thought ‘ Potverdikke ‘, while he was willed off the half board and started again. And if the Wright brothers after the crash in 1908 where the first aviation dead had ever regretted no more had gone through, then the spirit of St. Louis had never made the first transatlantic flight in 1927.

Spirit of St. Louis-Wikipedia

Even now accidents happen due to mistakes.Tesla’s flying on fire, self-driving cars make accidents; Boeings 737 MAX Fall out of the air. By such mistakes there are deaths to be regretted. That’s quite a bit. Yet people give these companies the opportunity, to improve themselves and to learn from those mistakes.

This also applies to our ‘ mere mortals ‘. Others forgive us the mistakes though.

That you hurt people because you make mistakes, it should be there. This is how our ‘ mechanism ‘ works. But revel not in your self reproach. It sometimes takes just as loner to get over it, because you don’t have a manager or coach that helps you through it.

But you have to make mistakes, otherwise you don’t do it well enough.And you have to talk about it with someone, change your mind so you get through it. Even if it is someone who understands little, if the person gives you confidence again.

And then, if you repack yourself and try again, you have-like before-two chances: or you make an unknown, unanticipated mistake and you fall off your bike again so you have to go again, or you cycle the bend, turn a lap and ride smiling back to your Loved ones.

But in both cases you are the winner.Applause for trying! Making mistakes is not stupid, it is human. And that’s why it doesn’t mind. The truth lies in your experience, and so you can avoid the failure.

Success will erase all previous failures.Like Einstein, and just like before on your bike. You will be shivering and trembling, but you just need to avoid what you did wrong before. So don’t worry; Your broken knee reminds you.

Making mistakes is NOT bad, it is inevitable.

Unless you never try or do something new. Making mistakes is the price for learning. If you learn from your mistakes of course.

So if you make a mistake, see what went wrong, see what you can do now to the situation where something went wrong, see how you can avoid this in the future, and then stop: door shut, we don’t think about it anymore.The lesson is taught.

It shouldn’t happen, but you’ll learn.

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