Why is Latin extinct as a normal spoken language?

The Latin that we know is Latin from the literary traditions, think of names like Cicero, Caesar, Sallustius, Apuleius, Vergilius, Catullus and a few more hundreds of others.This Latin was not spoken. It was actually an artificial Latin that, especially around the period of Sallustius, was created to write literary works and served as an example for almost all Latin authors who were surrendered. It was a kind of gloriate language that had to sound distinguished and static. Presumably it was also an attempt to normate the grammar. This written Latin was of course based on spoken Latin, but it remained an artificial language and the spoken Latin was quite distant from this art language. Our knowledge of spoken Latin is unfortunately quite limited because of the lack of resources: there was no recording equipment, illiteracy was rather rule than exception and the lucky ones who could read and write, had this artificial Latin As a learning material. The few written sources that were leaning closer to the spoken language (Plautus, letters from Cicero, Vitruvius, Petronius and the epigraphical sources) do not allow us to make many extrapolations about spoken Latin. But the Latin spoken has indeed evolved into Italian.
For those who can do Latin: you can see this well if you read the Architectura Libri Decem of Vitruvius.Vitruvius was an architect and engineer, a craftsman, but with little knowledge of linguistics and literature. His book (around 20 B.C.) covers a zipper of architectural subjects. Latin in this book already leans much more in later Italian and differs from the Latin of other authors from that period. The language of Vitruvius must have been very close to the spoken Latin, and it was this Latin that later evolved into Italian.

Latin is not extinct, but just as every living language evolved.The Romance languages all originate from Latin and there is no clear time to mention when a native of Spain spoke Spanish. It was discovered in the Middle Ages that a Spaniard and a Frenchman were going to understand each other more badly. Both still thought to speak Latin, but we could say that without realizing it, they spoke Spanish and French.

Just as a present Englishman can understand Old English, a present Catalan cannot understand Latin anymore.Yet Catalan is still a modern form of Latin.

Latin was spoken in the Roman Empire.The Eastern Roman Empire still existed a thousand years after the fall of Rome, but Greek was popular there. In the Middle Ages, Latin was the language of the intellectuals that was understood throughout Europe.

The sentence in the time of the lighting was above all the beta-boxes to the universities, which went to give education in the own language.The pope speaks sometimes Latin and often Italian; His mother tongue is probably Spanish.

Q: If England gets out of the EU, is our second language?

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