Why is it wiser to forgive someone instead of taking revenge?

In my opinion, revenge is not separate from forgiveness.Some people can hurt and humiliate very much. It does well if you can give them back. Really nice when you see them scare. As an ulcer that must open and the pus then runs out.

Someone had some stuff stored with me.Two pockets full of clothes. One day he picked up a bag and also brought my spare bike. I came to him and appealed to him. “I did not do that, someone will have stolen it.” The other bag with clothes I have thrown away. Later He came to pick up that bag. “But the thief has taken all the clothes from you,” I said. It made me really good to see him scare. Now he could say nothing, otherwise he had to admit to have stolen my bike.

Forgive is of course beautiful, but you do not have to cherish a grudge.Love your enemies, but you’d love to bury them at the graveyard at first. About the dead nothing but good.

Many stories are about revenge and the feeling of liberation that follows.Most of the stories in the Bible are revenge stories and the triumph that follows. God is truly a bloodthirsty avenger. Beautiful stories If you are still young and helpless.

The Second World War is also fascinating because the Nazis eventually become totally defeated.

At a deeper level, good and evil are also intertwined.In your revenge you also do evil yourself, but in essence the evil is punished and wins the good.

Compare Roodkapje.

Red Riding Hood goes to grandma, but the wolf has eaten grandma.Red Riding Hood flight. The Hunter catches the wolf, cuts it open and Grandma comes alive again. Revenge and Liberation in one.

Because we live with Z n all together, and if you take revenge you make the world just a little bit worse for at least 脙 漏 脙 漏 n person.It is more convenient if we help each other, and forgiveness is required for that. In doing so, it also saves you trouble and negative emotions if you do not take revenge but instead forgives.

You don’t actually conflict with your own shadow that you project on that other.

When you fight with your own shadow, you become a shadow.

Revenge is downhill, forgiveness is uphill, before you donate forgiveness you have first questioned your own being and reached a kind of clear connection between emotion and rational mind.The ability to place yourself in a whole.

When donating forgiveness, you do more than just yourself.You do a universe after, you put yourself on the 2nd place and number 1 that you are already. The result of forgiveness is 3, a force! A force (1) and an equal return (2) is exemplary with a sun, fusion (3). Revenge is just for you to choose. As the universe does, he probably creates a world.

‘, ‘ It depends on what that person has eaten out.There were voices right after the Second World War against a lawsuit against the main Nazi criminals. Nulla money sine previo empty. And more of that kind of nonsense. In the book (Profiles of Courage) of JF Kennedy, such a figure was praised.

“,” Forgive is sweet revenge

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