Why is it socially unacceptable to play video games as you are older while it is not much different than spending time with watching TV

It is more than a few years ago in 2019.

For illustration: The average age of gamer is 30 + and more than 70% is older than 18 years[1.That’s not very weird because you often have some income that you can spend on games in adulthood. This makes the game industry gigantic[2, even bigger than the film industry[3 . Incidentally, it is possible to earn good money with gaming[4 and related activities[5 through e.g. Youtube and Twitch.Scientific studies indicate that the rehabilitation works (something I have encountered)[6 . As a final point: games give a whole generation of skills that we hadn’t really imagined before[7

Where it is socially unacceptable, in my opinion,

  • People are somewhat narrow-minded or ignorant.

Their worldview can then use an update and if that’s your role, you may decide for yourself.

  • It is actually in the way of your social life.
  • If you are gaming while you live together and you do not do your household chores that you have agreed upon. Or you live an unhealthy rhythm and performs poorly (numbers/work/sport). Then they have a point.

  • You put yourself in debt/You walk completely away from your daily life.
  • This is I think the big point of the social unreasonableness. This fear that life is completely out of nowhere because you sit all the time behind that PlayStation, Xbox, PC, smartphone.

  • There’s a stigma: gaming comes together, Blowen, wasting time, just eating fast food and having unhealthy body.
  • Parents usually do not want their child.

    I started with some arguments, after yes more stetements with a source, why gaming is right for you. That the game industry is big business and a very large group simply benefits from recreational tor health promotion.

    However, not everyone is aware of it or wants to be aware of it because it does not fit in with their ideal way of life.Know that there are very feather people who play games, invest a lot in it and find fun in it. Often they are part of a group of friends who spend time together (online). And sometimes there are individuals who earn their money with it, not much else than football don’t you think?


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    Is to whom you ask man.Game is even more active because you are working on your hands and you think some more TV watching is even more passiver. Tv is just staring maybe you think what about what you are watching but that was it.