Why is it so difficult to counteract pool terror? What is the solution to this problem?

Because the hard tackling of North African criminal youth is quickly classified as racism.So they simply continue and feel that there are no real punishments anyway.

It is now much too fast to react in a frantically manner.Certainly by the media.

Naming people with error behaviour or disturbing culture is not racism.Racism is the discriminating of people of another race/skin color, purely for their race/skin color.

It is high time we tackled this rationally.Discriminating based on skin color is obviously wrong (and stupid, because not at all relevant). Not accepting conduct and backward use of some cultures is not wrong. Some cultural values or use, just don’t fit here. Point. Adjust or rot.

And then you have to dare to appoint and tackle that too.Make it clear that everyone (with any skin colour) is welcome here. But that every extreme belief is not welcome at all. And that also fight hard and firmly. Seems to me not that difficult at all.

Because a certain degree of social control has been dropped out of fear of Muslim youths.

I grew up in a provincial town with a lot of Muslim youths and I learned that you better not go against it.Just leave. Before you know it they are dozens. And their limit for what is acceptable behavior and violence is far beyond the average naughty teenager.

And a regular teenager who misbears herself, I still want to appeal.But Muslim youngsters who do things that are not allowed, let me just go their course. I’m not going to take Risco’s myself there. Far too dangerous. Those guys have totally different standards and values.

Why bother: Because groups of crazed naffers have no respect for the “lifeguard” and also not for women in general.They are totally different trained to watch against women. In addition, they are incredibly clever in the victim role. If you sell them a lifting because they are sitting on your daughter, wife, girlfriend or mother, there are 20 around you threatening and screaming that you are discriminating against. Solution: Couple of times in the month 10 Marines bet, unexpectedly, they register, throw out and then look for the family to drink tea. At the 2nd time just spanking it. I would recommend that you use pepper sprays legally in Germany and in my opinion legally in EU (1 policy right?) Sprayen begin on height of medium, and then up. Take a look at the wind direction and your own children if they are present.

I think that in addition, the present men of other origin or of goodwill in general should more often work together to assist the lifeguards.

Raising the rig is difficult but it does.

We have become too passive and accept everything, so stand up and tackle.Incidentally, I find Niek’s answer quite apart from reality. In my childhood-years 1970 there was not a mass of girls sitting in T pool. Whoever did so was pathetic, sad and as found and could get a beating. The scale at which such a group of Grasshoppers now operates is unprecedented in my time. Swimming pool de Put in Rijswijk did not happen. Is not a normal adolescent behavior but pathetic and strange.

What, in my childhood, is simply Misdetentions is now suddenly called terror.In my childhood (40 鈧?”50 years ago) There were also girls in their bootes and crotch tweaked by crazed jochies. There were also things that were being swiped and fought. Nothing new under the sun.

Only we could expect a blow to our kanis from a father or a lifeguard.In the current Rubberentegel paradise there should not be intervened 脙 漏 N is blown from 鈧?艙normaal 鈧?adolescent behavior to a national safety problem.

It is difficult to counteract pool-terror, especially if (1) individual organization that depends on people from outside who use a pool service, (2) People are infinitely creative to make someone else’s life sour, (3) the terror can take place both inside and outside the pool gates.

Nonetheless, I would submit to make banks and companies cooperate better when it comes to security, so that ‘ they ‘ who do not behave receive a payment refusal at the checkout of all similar pools.

This has privacy concerns, but it does deliver a result.

For instance, a shoplifter can no longer pin a certain supermarket chain, or a tourist no longer pins at a pool if it has previously gone wrong. Pay per individual is central, or there should be a notice that when someone pays for another person, it is the risk that the paying party (i.e. the responsible party for entry) will receive the blockade.

For instance, a swimming pool can no longer accept cash, which means that a swimmer can no longer do so anonymously and thus without consequential damage.

Because some people abuse their freedom, the only option is to tackle it in such places.One focuses only on unrest when one knows that they are not caught, or the consequences are negligible.

漏 One solution is therefore less privacy, and better cooperation between banks and the business community.This is only a suggestion and therefore wholeheartedly react to denounce some short-sightedness from my side.

I am not entirely in agreement with that.

Nowadays, the whole life is much more aggressive than when (I also grew up in the years 1950 鈧?”1975)

And then we had no (sorry to say it, since what I’m going to say is no longer allowed.) So then we had no 5-7 percent of Muslims in our country.They think we have to adapt to them and not vice versa.

It is an inprogrammed thought by Muslim boys that “not Muslim girls” are just “whores”, and so (group) rape is a normal Muslimpatroon to destroy otherwise-minded.

Just think of the Jezidi’s wives and girls.This is now happening in Europe as well. In Sweden, you can not talk about it, then you go into the trap. Also in Germany, the Netherlands, France etc. This happens regularly.

Luckily, I live in Israel where we do face the truth.

What is Pool terror?

‘, “Swimming pool terror is harassing and against their will groping of girls in the pool.The fight against this is difficult because of the burden of proof. Swimming pool terror can only be closed by the swimming pools. But that’s an absolute defeats strategy. The lifeguard is as good as defenseless. If he is already acting against the perpetrators, he is much later at home because he has four punctures. Cameras hang up, for so much that hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t make much sense either. To deny the access leads to destruction in the vicinity of the pool. And the problem has absolutely no political priority. In short, the best solution is to not let your daughter go to the pool.

“,” Because we hebebn a cowardly government in the Netherlands who wants to stay with everyone, thereby throwing our own Dutch identity in the middle of a joke.

Adapt or rot is evidently not for that North African outcrop but for us as Dutch.Because of that leftist government without balls we are forced to adapt ourselves as a result of mass immigration.

As a Dutchman, you better leave your country and the Ngos can get unlimited collection of all Africans.Why are we obliged to pick them up? Are we going to ask KLM to go up and down? What a thought to be possessed!