Why is it necessary to achieve a certain speed in order to escape the Earth’s gravity rather than a constant and steady slower speed?

If you keep flying straight up at a low speed you will come too.You will have to keep the engine for a long time. The speed of escape is more of a theoretical concept: it is the speed at which you would crash on Earth if you fall from infinitely far away to earth with initial speed zero, if there is no atmosphere either. And conversely, if you are shot out of a cannon at that speed from the Earth, your end speed is infinitely zero at a distance. Again with neglect of atmospheric resistance.

If I understand correctly, the speed of escape that a bullet or similar should have when firing is to completely escape the earthly appeal.

For a orbit you need a very high speed.Otherwise, you will fall back to Earth.

In order to maintain that high speed without using fuel, you also need to be outside the vapor circuit.So very high.

If you slowly go to that high altitude, you consume more fuel.

If you slowly accelerate to that very high speed, you consume a lot of fuel.

Rockets are geared to get up as much as possible with the least possible consumption.Even then, they still need huge tanks.

There has been some experimentation with planes and balloons to launch rockets of greater altitude.For most applications this is not so suitable. Sometimes it can be advantageous.

Rockets work especially well at high altitude and do not work optimally on the first piece.

Eventually they have to fly a speed of almost 30,000 km/h and around 100 km high to not fall back.All the time that rockets are extra on the move, they are in battle with gravity and consume extra fuel.

Launcher launchers are preferably built near the equator.If you leave the rocket in an eastern direction, you benefit optimally from the extra push that generates the Earth’s rotation.The rocket must reach a speed of 27,300 km/h. By leaving the equator in the right direction, you already win 1,670 km/h, which is about 6 percent.

The European launch base on French Guiana is located near the equator and that is a huge advantage.Russia has therefore concluded a cooperation agreement with the European Space Agency, ESA. Since October 2011, the Russian Soyuz is also launched from French Guiana. In exchange for the launch installation, Europe can use Russian missiles to bring European spacecraft to the ISS .

How fast does the Earth revolve around its axis?

So why is it necessary?Efficiency, therefore a rocket also consists of 3 parts and these are tiered.

It can be at a low speed

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