Why is it important to learn to laugh at yourself?

Is liberating.You no longer have to do yourself as you are not. You can admit that you make mistakes, just like everyone else. You are stronger.

You face reality, that you are not more or less than another.That allows learning. You become more mature, more human.

Your life becomes a lot easier.No more time and energy is required to maintain and build up your imaginary self.

The absence of the relentous pressure to do yourself otherwise than who you are, makes you stand out as a cork above water.

The absence of constant in the gate should keep from how you come across makes a lot of thinking power free for learning.

You will be easier in life.People recognize that and feel attracted to you.

You’re going to be easier with people. You get more appreciation, respect and friendship.You get more people knowledge.

You get more confidence.

In your work, you will be more likely to promote to positions that require skillful dealings with people.

You have a healthy basis for growing in wisdom.

All benefits of accepting reality, characterized by being able to laugh yourself.

I believe everyone laughs in the same language.

A little humor can appreciate everyone and if you can laugh at yourself then that’s just a bit better.Life is already complex and confusing enough. A little laugh sure to give yourself the power to keep going. There are other benefits with laughter to yourself, shown from studies (which I haven’t read), but of which I definitely believe the results.

Reasons to learn to laugh at yourself

  • If you can laugh at yourself, you radiate positivity
  • Laughing is healthy so you’re healthier than when you’re not smiling
  • It reduces your stress, which is also healthy
  • Laughing together with friends is good for your social ties
  • Laughing at yourself is actually also a way to love yourself
  • It enhances your self-awareness


I found this a very nice question.

With my answer, I would remind people to laugh a little more and choose to be happy. This life is beautiful. We should enjoy it as much as possible

With Twinkle eyes and a wide smile,


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You will then learn not to place yourself on a pedestal.This makes you more open to the opinion of another. What’s more, it’s a 鈧?虄opluchting to be able to laugh at yourself, you will make enough mistakes in a human life, no reason to be healed.

Then, if you’re alone, you’ll have some fun.

It is not so much that you learn to laugh about yourself, on the contrary, it is that you are able to laugh about yourself.

Laughing at yourself I observe in two ways. The first is just like a defense mechanism, you laugh at yourself or about an event to not face fear.Not to be co-frontrated or to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Secondly, and precisely the power of the Kunneb laugh at yourself, that you are in peace with yourself and know yourself in conscious and partly unconscious. It does not do anything for you when someone mentions you as thick as you accept yourself that you are overweight and live in peace. It is also about who it says, how much value you hect to that person and to what extent it is a sensitive point for you as a person. If you are vulnerable at that time, that person is hurtful or you find his/her opinion important.

I will share an experience I have experienced with a visually impaired.In Istanbul I participated In a workshop where visually impaired people have experienced Istanbul from their eyes. What comes down to it is that you encounter obstacles in a large dark space that is an obstacle to the visually impaired in everyday life (public transport, too much noise, bazaar, etc.). Under the guidance of a visually impaired and a white cane (blind stick), you walk together with a group for an hour in this space. Our supervisor told them to interchangeably with each other about ZICHZELLF and others laugh like 鈧?艙hey you are blind ofzo 鈧? for their it is a little tension skies, or can laugh, peace fitted and accept their situation or there is a Sajid Vulnerability that is trying to avoid reality.

So the question is, to what extent are you open and you can laugh at yourself.

Will you rather cry, OK end of argument.Lol

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