Why is it healthy to be sad and crying?

Emotions have a life apart from ourselves, you might hurry to say.Maybe you can also characterize them a little as young children. They have to express themselves and do that been always somehow.

We do not come from the bottom.We cannot escape their effect. We try to ignore them and not do them. Do not succeed. They don’t let themselves do it,

If we do not lead them, they will lead us.If we do not lead them into straight jobs, they take a walk with us and often where we do not even have it in the gate. The expressions can then invade us and oppose us.

Emotions of fear, hatred, sadness and also the feeling of being, joy and happiness can best be processed if we give them the opportunity to express themselves in appropriate ways.We do this by acknowledging the validity of the feeling, by understanding that they need attention and by giving them that attention.

Let it be fear.We become aware of the fear, a feeling that we are almost automatically jostling. Now, instead, we acknowledge it and we will give it the necessary attention, albeit not necessarily immediately.

We take time, sit down and let us feel the fear.We think of the circumstances, the possible evil consequences, the pain. We let the fear grow to its full strength and we do not deviate. We See the right in the eyes. We are letting the raging in US be close.

We stay there as long as it lasts.We feel the pain of it, the almost unfriendly discomfort, we cry, we feel even more pain. We bljven it feeling, we don’t walk away from it. It threatens to crush us, we feel the crushing and we stay there. Just as long as it lasts.

After a while there comes a certain lighting or just a distraction.Suddenly, it is less important and other thoughts come up, concerning other things. Not forced. Simply, by itself. It is now just as if the whole thing solves in nothing. Let us be a little confused behind.

You are there.The feeling has been manifested. It’s done with it. It is fulfilled.

The fear-hunting occasion is undoubtedly happening again, but now you are better opposed to crops.The fear has done the worst in your side. You have been experiencing and endured. You know it and it did not destroy you.

Follow the same corridor again when the emotion becomes strong again and threatens to happen to you.In Short:

  1. Acknowledge your emotions.

Acknowledge that they must express themselves.

  • Take the time to let them express themselves.
  • At that time:

    • Concentrate on them, let them fully develop.

    Feel the pain. Stay tuned.

  • Give them time.
  • No hurry. Let the emotion rage and raging in your side. Stay with the great inconvenience, the feeling of catastrophe, uncertainty, anst, pain, whatever it may be. Let it outshine in your head.

  • Accept the ultimate relief and realize that the emotion has expressed itself.
  • Enjoy the delight you feel, your freedom.
  • The greater confidence in yourself. Your new realization. Your deeper strength and your greater skill.

    In answer to the question, finally: crying is a healthy expression of emotions.It prevents expressions in other ways that can be harmful. Emotions always find a way out. We can steer that way and the consequences thereof.

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