Why is it difficult for some programmers to write code, but not to understand code?

I think that about 80% of people who work as software programmer can understand well written code easier than themselves can write (really think of themselves, so don’t work with examples).

Programming is a creative profession.As well as writing books is a creative profession. You can learn it, but really not everyone will be in the top 20% of bestseller authors can come.

At Deverence we program with a visual Code interface (developed by ourselves and based on Node. js).This makes understanding code super easy. With a few minutes in “read” time, We can take over each other’s code and program it. By now we have built a complete ERP system (and in production).

The aforementioned comparison with the difference between reading or writing a book could be a step further: When a book is filmed you will know the whole story in 2 hours, where reading the book would cost you at least 8 to 10 hours.You should also see the visual interface: you no longer need to convert the syntax and letters into your head.

But also with this graphical representation, or even perhaps PRECISELY with this graphical representation, you can see directly whether you are dealing with an expert or a novice programmer.

Good code is simple but effective: no unnecessary frills, a clear structure.

A less good programmer is often very messy (which in a graphical view immediately stands out!), starts a certain mindset but breaks it down and continues with another mindset without clearing the first tidy.Such a programmer uses a lot of details or options where they hardly add anything but blur the program, he or she does not share the program in logical pieces (so you literally lose the wire of the program flow) or Just cut it too much (so you don’t know what the goal was in the 4th sub-function). Choosing the right name for variables and functions also helps a lot for understanding.

Putting together a software program elegantly and efficiently is a real talent; You can learn it up to a certain height, and of course it helps to view examples.You can understand what someone has invented and may also be able to compare it in similar applications. But do you think of such a solution? There are many fewer people who have that in them.

What makes someone very good at writing software is: very good understanding of the (business) process or problem that is the subject, abstract thinking, problem solving and purposeful working, an extensive knowledge of what can be with code, logically Building, very neat and disciplined work, efficiency and above all a lot of creativity.

Most people see software only the result (what the program does).Programmers will agree with me that it is great to read “nice” code. It is like a solution of a riddle or a nice piece of music. Everything is in place.

I think it is in the visual representation of the code for many more people will be visible how nice code can be.And it will be easier to reach a high level. But the real top programmer… who will always be able to do it even nicer.

Reading code can be simple or terrestrial difficult, depending on how good the programmer is. Writing code that is easy to read and maintain is a distinct skill than problem-solving thinking.Reading the code of someone who owns both of these skills is always easy.

Writing code requires problem-solving skills, but also knowledge about the ecosystem you work with: syntax of the programming language, available libraries, etc.If you cannot think of problem-solving, then writing code is almost impossible. If you can think of problem-solving, but you miss the knowledge about the ecosystem, the result is often clumsy, which makes you much slower than a programmer who knows the environment, and you often need to delve into the reference documentation.
The good news is that knowledge is often simpler to scraping than the skill to think problem-solving and the ability to easily read code.

What is simple or difficult depends a lot on your own skills, and when you read code: from the skills of the other.Beyond that I would not generalize it too much.

I think you can compare it to writing and reading a book.

It is relatively easy to read and mature a book
Writing a book is a completely different story.

Good src code is also easy to follow (and was perhaps tricky to implement the 1st time)

Short: The logic behind programming is separate from the syntax and object construction of any programming language.

Edit: Also, brain processes and hands are not connected in an instant, although they are maintained by oxygen in your environment, this means that you have to think step by step in what needs to be done right now, which in everyday life Goes the same way.

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