Why is it better to put a pit instead of a traffic threshold on the roads? Will it damage cars?

It does not seem to me that a pit as a measure against speeding is “better” than a traffic threshold.

I believe that a threshold on the road is better seen than a pit.Even if it is a “smart” pit that only opens when vehicles are passing too hard, it seems dangerous to me: If the driver suddenly kicks on the brake, a subsequent vehicle can be hindered.

I wonder if there really is much difference. At a threshold, the shock absorbers get a bump, with a pit it’s the rims.In some cases, rims will be even more expensive than a shock absorber.

A better solution is, in my opinion, automatic limitation of speeds.

The technology already exists: Connect GPS to the computer of an engine and ensure that the maximum speeds are automatically maintained.

This means a dried-up source of income for the Judicial Collection agency, by the way.

The pit is a proposed automatic system that goes down a few cm when a car runs too fast on it.The system depends on technology, connections and power.

A threshold is no more than that, a threshold.Costs little in construction and maintenance.

The advantage of the pit is that traffic that adheres to the rules does not bother, and that the technique allows cars with flashing lights to be able to overspeed it.

The disadvantage of the pit is that it is expensive, and requires expensive maintenance and can be interference-prone.A malfunction could mean that a whole street should be temporarily closed.

The disadvantage of the threshold is that everyone suffers from it, including the drivers who are at the speed, and also cars with flashing light.

What both measures have in common is that they hardly work if they are not high/deep enough.And are not workable if too high/deep.

A weird psychological phenomenon.If you break your car into a pit, then those acorns of the congregation have done it. If you drive too hard over a threshold then you’ve been so stupid…

The pit is much more unavoidable .You have to brake.So it is better in the sense of more effective.With thresholds, some knurften are going to try how hard you can get over it.

No idea, but it’s expensive and dangerous for the somewhat more expensive-low-cars.However, they must meet technical requirements before they are allowed to go on the road. Also thresholds are a terror. Luckily I have a normal car, but I have the impression that the government mainly wants me to leave the car alone. And there are other solutions to limit speed.

I want fast and efficient transport.Some thirty years ago-for the asphalt-we did not need any thresholds: The road did not invite speed.

For our kids I recommend the government schools like the one where I sent my son: in the middle of a park.The children were able to run out of school and romp around instead of being between cars and cyclists. And then relax home.

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