Why is incense used in churches?

Incense cleans the atmosphere.Frankincense has a germ-killing, disinfecting, cell-renewing, wound-healing, anti-rheumatic, insect-killing and mind-opening effect. Incense helped reduce the risk of infection in large crowds, such as in temples and churches. Incense is burned in mosques and sanctuaries in Arab countries. But it is also used in houses and tents for daily cleaning and for keeping away harmful influences.

At the University of Munich, a study was able to demonstrate the effect of incense in joint pain.At the University of Tübingen, the anti-inflammatory effect of incense was demonstrated by experiments. Frankincense has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, as pharmacological studies show. As a result, it could be a natural remedy for polyarthritis, rheumatism, psoriasis or even asthma.

We learn from many oriental stories that incense also hides an erotic component in its odour.In order to elicit this fragrance, it was mostly mixed with sandalwood, cinnamon and other sensual incense scents.

Frankincense not only cleanses from germs and unpleasant rumors, but it is one of the strongest atmospheric cleaners.If there was a dispute in rooms, when thick air spreads, when in hospital rooms, waiting rooms and exam rooms many people have left their worries hanging like coats on a cloakroom, then a smoking with a piece of good incense can be for a cleaned , provide a clear atmosphere. Incense is useful for cleaning before we move into a new house or apartment to clean up the old.

Healing stones or other objects used for healing can also be held above the rising consecration smoke.In this way, they regain their original strength and freshness.

The scent of divine incense has been considered one of the strongest stimulants for the human spirit for millennia, which wants to open up to the divine and seeks communication with higher vibrational planes.For us today, incense is particularly well suited as an accompanying fragrance in prayer, meditation and inner collection. It purifies our inner spaces, the fine energy channels, to make us receptive to healing, spiritual and cosmic vibrational patterns. Incense is also a very effective anti-stress agent. It can soothe increased muscle tone and thus create a feeling of pleasant warmth and heaviness.

Unfortunately, the church does not always burn the best quality of incense.In some cases, it is artificially flavoured. Today’s church incense usually consists of a finished inferior mixture of different resins. However, it would lead too far to expect a spiritual understanding of incense from the Church in particular.

Personally, I use incense exclusively for spiritual purposes.

The laws of life become clear when physical existence is animated by spirituality.“Let the truth in”.

Probably those who can handle incense!

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