Why is German technology always preferred to other technologies?

The software industry in Germany is almost dead, except for a few very fine, small game companies.The innovativeness and experimentation of the industry is close to 0° Kelvin. But the people who grow up here know something that is so little in the world: the life’s work.

So a love and devotion to detail and good work, a Protestant ethics that comes from history and can be summed up in a nutshell, “Work is Praying”, and which runs completely through the works of German technicians and engineers.Which is not to say that there are no failures here, but this devotion is rare. And this despite the fact that it is hardly valued here, unfortunately.

Germans usually celebrate the really big successes abroad.

A good example of an incredibly devoted work by a German, which is completely ignored in Germany, but now fires virtually all the major web hosts in China is the LuaJIT project by Michael (“Mike”) Pall from Munich.

He has developed the fastest and finest implementation of a high-level language, with the development of a cross-platform JIT compiler (“dynasm”), which is now also used across projects, just a factor of 1.3–1.5 times slower than C, which is a factor of 1.3–1.5 times slower than C, which is a factor of 1.3–1.5 times slower than C. High language is almost impossible.Almost only because Mr Pall has done it.

The man has revolutionized high-speech with his work alone.Nevertheless, he is ignored in forums, not valued, not paid, and his work is not used in Germany and at best ridiculed.

While the Chinese, with Alibaba and other massive servers in a single rack, are doing what entire data centers are under power for this country with outdated technology, Apache and PHP.

And that is the problem.We could perish from that. In Germany, the envy of success, the murder of the father (“the contempt for all outstanding things, the insult, the deceleration and the left derivation”) and the denial of the outstanding have degenerated into a kind of destructive anticulture. Social honours are denied, as is financial honours, and the role model is distorted to insult.

Anticulture.I think this is still a self-devouring self-hateful effect of the aftermath of the Second World War, punishing everything that reaches more than mediocrity with suspicion and contempt.

Germany is poisoning itself with it.I could howl because of Michael Pall. I try to continue his project as best I can after the man I consider a rare genius has almost burned out, for now, and hope for his return.


Brilliant code I’ve ever had the honor of waiting in 35 years of professional experience.But this is very difficult to further develop this excellent code. It’s hard to improve and clearly brilliant, if not brilliant. It is simply what I call German work of value and life’s work. And we’ve burned another genius. Can we be proud of it.

silicon/luajit-2.0, please take the version “2.1”, not “master”.I was able to get 20% compared to the reference implementation, at least in only cases. Only in some places, unfortunately.