Why is evolution such a controversial subject?

Evolution is not a controversial subject.Not for nothing nowadays there is no talk about evolutionary theory, but about evolutionism. Denying evolution is right to switch with denying that the earth is around.

I do not know anyone, but really no one who doubts the evolution.Only here on Quora do I encounter people who obviously have trouble with it. And at the same time do not make any effort to read anything about it. In that case, I find it a waste of trouble to talk to them. Immerse yourself in a little first.

It is controversial for those who misunderstand the subject.For example, the Catholic Church has long accepted evolutionary doctrine. The two are not actually in conflict with each other. I can recommend the following reflections from Catholic Answers: https://dausel.co/07vbs9.

The greatest controversy about evolution revolves around whether or not believing in God as the creator of everything there is. Those who do not believe in God point to evolutionary doctrine as evidence of their “faith” and those who believe in God feel their faith thereby challenged.

In defending their point of view, both sides often tend to abuse the evolution doctrine.Usually from misunderstanding.

Evolutionism is a theory which in many cases fits the data and which in many cases the way to further discoveries correctly indicates.The theory works. It is a mighty theory that has brought science far and will certainly bring much further in the future.

The latter is a prediction, not a fact.All too often, the future has proven to be unpredictable.

And that’s where the shoe is.We assume that the past is a good prediction of the future. The fact that so far the evolution doctrine stands in the statements of observations, is no certainty that it will also stand in future statements of observations in the much larger yet unknown.

Certainly not concerning the emergence of the universe and the genesis of you and I. Every good scientist will agree.

As a Christian I appreciate the science and the evolutionary doctrine that helped.Indicates with great certainty the relationship between cause and effect in many cases, so far observed and investigated. This can lead to a doubt of the notion of the meaning of what is in the Bible.

Perhaps the notion is wrong.Perhaps the creation story as described is not a literal, scientific representation of the event. That notion does not have to undermine the truth of God’s creation at all. Only that its description should be seen as the indication of fundamental truths, not as a scientifically acceptable description. Thus, science, applied to what the Bible says, leads only to a better, deeper, more realistic understanding of it.

For the same reason, those who do not believe in God would no longer be able to hold on to their belief that God does not exist, because the Bible is “proven” to be wrong.