Why have Spain and Portugal fallen behind compared to Western Europe in the modern era?

Before you have your opinion ready, I would like to make this clear:

  • I am Belgian but have left Belgium for various reasons.
  • I moved to Portugal, it’s not really better in terms of government and envy, but the weather is better.

I am thankful that I live here, because more sun also gives a sunnier view of life.


Portugal is different from Spain.If Amazon comes to the Iberian Peninsula, then it is to Spain. Portugal is being smite but is never important, one concentrates on Spain. Spain is a much larger economy by the way, so in terms of turnover.

Portugal has about the same number of inhabitants as Belgium but is a much larger country.The infrastructure and utilities are deplarted. Apart from some large cities, the rest of the population is rather widespread in rural areas. There is a high degree of mistrust over politics. The country is rather communist, socialist, all power to the laborer because the public schools teach little to no skills that are needed today. Programming, software, hardware, you have to search well to find it. That is to say that the schools mainly deliver workers rather than highly educated people who can lift the country to a higher level. Many high educated, doctors and engineers leave the country to work in the rest of Europe. They build their knowledge, but few want to return because the framework that the overhied must create to promote entrepreneurship, knowledge and progress is not there. The startup scene is therefore almost only found in the website, app World. And certainly no electronics/hardware. If you find an electronics engineer who wants to come back, please let me know.

Undeclared work is popular because the state continues to strain the people.But also, and I have learned this here, because it is so unjust difficult to get something done here or to put itself in order with the law. They have made it so difficult with all sorts of departments and papers and stamps that you have to gather that most do not start there. Then imagine you’re coming from Belgium and want to have everything on invoice. In addition, real estate is a lottery. Lawyers are required to complete a purchase but are not liable asl afterwards seem to fall out of the closet. Local engineers (architects) make capital mistakes because each village has its own rules for real estate that deviate from the national. Local town houses do not find papers that are necessary and may exist but one is not sure. And, what stands out is the difference between people of the congregation who believe in cooperating with foreigners to bring more tourism and other business to the city. And there are those who are openly hostile, refuse to speak a word of English or French, and which are not susceptible to reason. They will make you life sour for every grain of sand that is wrong, but at the same time do nothing against rogue Portuguese who deceive and beduze foreigners. Deception in the sale of real estate is not a problem if it concerns a Portuguese. Country is less than the contract? Not put certain things right? Everything is seen by the fingers. But if the building that was 鈧?艙vergeten 鈧?in the building permit and that has been on Google Maps for 15 years, must be put in order, then the foreigner must dock. And the building must meet the current standards of course. Accoustic tests included.

Portugal and perhaps also Spain are a lost cause.Because only a drastic reform of labour law, school system and taxation is needed, and that is as impossible as in Belgium. Twenty years ago one saw the coming in Belgium, one still has not done anything (because then 鈧?艙ze 鈧?not be re-elected) and it is the same in Portugal. Belgium has a head start in terms of quality of education, but that will not dampen the enormous well in the budget. Portugal is still longer standing and will also get an increasing number of unemployed because the simplest jobs will be taken over by machines. Forget electric cars in Portugal, in the countryside are barely chargers. And if they are there, everyone should wait for that one charger. Forget cars that drive themselves outside the cities. Forget Uber Eats in the countryside. Forget Uber in the countryside. Etc.

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