Why don’t we hear about dogs other than Pitbulls and Rottweilers involved in horrific attacks? Are they genetically destined to be aggressive?

When dogs (all breeds) are not properly supervised, they can start to exhibit aggression in certain situations.

The consequences of aggression by large dogs are much greater than those in smaller dogs.That is why certain varieties have been placed on a list: because their physiology and character properties pose a greater risk to those animals than most other breeds.

There is the following problem: A lot of people who make a dog in the house are humanize those.They do not treat the animals as dogs and do not give them the right education, so they do not learn how a dog should behave socially towards the kind (or other situations).

In the ideal situation, a dog learns that he himself does not have to react to things in his environment because he can trust his owner to protect him.In small dogs It is very often that excessive barking or even aggressive behaviour is not corrected. The escalating behavior is covered with love to make it look tough, brave or funny. The average Labrador also does not learn that if a disturbed projectile storms on others or does not jump against other dogs, there is no acceptable behaviour.

Because these animals have not learned to treat peers with respect, they often trigger reactions in other dogs.If that other dog then happens to be 1 of the strong breeds, and also not well supervised then you have to tackle a deadly incident.

Because many of the varieties on the list have a pretty tough look they are taken by a certain group of people IM home for the wrong reasons and without taking into account the requirements to keep such breeds responsible.

This is the group of bosses that caused the terrible news messages.They. are part of the same group of bosses who let Pomeraantjes and Chi’s go out of their plate at the sight of an oak leaf, or that a Labrador allows people to skittles on the unloading field.

In the newspaper you do not read that the chi flew an HR dog to the down throats, or that a child gillemd and wielding sticks to a pit.You only leesr that the chi is dead, or the child injured. You do not read that the dog reacted as dogs react once or that bosses and parents have failed to handle their darlings in the right way.

Because these kinds of messages are growing more and more often, and there is never any attention given to the phenomenon of delivery or rezeidse responsibility, there are now enormous prejudices and even irrational fear of this group of dogs.And that fear is picked up by the own pet (or child) on which the chance of incidents is once again becoming so large.

At the end of the ride, this group of dogs gets the blame.While it is the irresponsible owners of ALL races who have the solution in their hands.

Chi, Labrador or Pitt Bull: teach them to be dog and watch the boss in difficult situations.Bosses must learn to speak dog language and recognize the boundaries of their animals and those of others. And then respect those boundaries. This will put an end to those in the media compared to certain breeds. But also to those knoks on the unloading field that the newspaper does not fetch. This also prevents strangers or children from being seized and damaged beyond repair.

Because these dogs are very popular, especially among inexperienced owners who do not have any knowledge of these breeds, or in people who want to do 鈧?艙stoer 鈧?

Each dog has a certain nature.Border Collies are floats, Chihuahuas are watchs and so very vocal, griphons Hunt, and the great terrier breeds are prooidoders. People who take a dog and therefore do not train adequately or take into account their nature can cause major problems. If you do not train a Collie sufficiently, then he will fall back in his need to float: children, dogs, cyclists, auto s etc. If you do not allow a Chihuahua to move enough, they are not fed up as a dog and they are not physically and mentally engaged, they are going to react to everything, because their nature is to watch and it is a vocal breed. That doesn’t mean you can’t train them to bark less, but you don’t get it all the way.

This is also the problem with large terriers.They naturally have a high prey drift and their goal is to kill their prey. So if you have an inexperienced owner or someone who just makes that dog even more aggressive, you have the recipe for a fiasco.

A small dog, whether this is a Chihuahua or not, is seen as prey.And yes I can unfortunately experience them with my Chihuahua up close. Fortunately, he survived, but also just to. My Chihuahua is a well socialized friendly doggy. The day it happened we were just walking with our dog group (he’s the only Chihuahua among the big dogs) when we met a woman with her Bull terriers and because her dog knew the other dogs she dropped her off the line. Her dog sees mine and shoots it off and before we knew she had his whole head in her mouth and she was ready to shake him dead. Luckily, the Lords of our group were blazing fast and could wrestle her to the ground and open her mouth, otherwise my doggy had not been there anymore.

I do not blame the dog for having acted to his nature, no matter how annoying it is, but the owner, because she did not have her dog under control.And then the next week another doggy seized and the next week one again.

That does not mean that they are naturally aggressive, because every dog can be that, also a Chihuahua or a Shih-tzu, but that if you do not have them properly controlled, do not socialize, do not train and do not have a drawing with their nature, then they can do where they ever For breeding, with all the consequences.

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