Why don’t the strongest people look like bodybuilders? Why does this difference? And does this mean that bodybuilders are not as strong as they look?

What is strong?Does that have to do with strength?

What is strength?P = MA

Does kinetic potential count?Speed?

Do you want to bring Newton’s third law into this game?

Bodybuilders train to build their body.Not to be as strong as possible. To become strong is for their (most) only a at-product. And then they can only do one thing. Brute Force.

Gymnasts, freestyle climbers, Karate’s, tri-athletes, commanders, bullbreeders and iron-brapers are all in their own way much stronger than bodybuilders.

If I want to have my dryer on the washing machine I ask this I think of a bodybuilder.But should my washing machine move 10 meters then I would rather ask a bull breeder. 🙂

“,” Bodybuilders train so muscles look the strongest.This is done by repeating the same exercises. They train a certain part of their muscles but often have no good stamina like other athletes or the people you see a truck pushing. To be strong you have to train multiple muscles and really strong people have fat (Google the videos).

“, ‘ Bodybuilders are really strong, though.But the goal of bodybuilding is aesthetic, a nicely shaped body with well-defined muscles. Strength is needed to build these muscles.

An Olympic powerlifter, on the contrary, does not look as harmonious or good but raises much more weight.An MMA fighter or a boxer also look different from a bodybuilder. But these are completely different sports where it’s not about aesthetics but about lifting heavy weights or distributing/collecting a hefty suit of battle.

Large muscles are not per they are more powerful than others not so great, here plays for example the density of muscle fiber a role.But that is certainly not the matter.

It could be that the fat in the body of the “strongest Man” helps to carry the weight.Fat is a good fuel. According to scientific research, it is possible to live for a long time without eating if you have enough fat in your body as long as you get minerals and vitamins. I myself have eaten and drank nothing for three days and then I did to Bodybuilden and surprised me that I could still lift the weights I lifted with food too.

It is even possible to make fat biodiesel for your car or any other vehicle.In addition, it is possible that those bodybuilds that you mean did not participate in the title for the Strongest Man. Furthermore, there is a chance he with the title “Strongest Man” has made the specific muscles needed to do the exercises to obtain that title stronger than those who build bodybuilds. Those who train bodybuilds generally almost all muscles of the human body.

Remember that it is a title and that the title does not mean that that creature actually has the body with the most strength.Not everyone participates in the title for “Strongest Man”.

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