Why don’t some people understand life?

I am eager to get in contact with people who understand life.I’m curious.

I rather wonder what you mean by ‘ understanding life ‘.

An sich many people know the theory of evolution, and most people do have an idea that life has a beginning and an end.

What you want to do with your life, or how you live, or what it is like to be human, are interesting questions, but whether that really has to do with ‘ understanding of life ‘?

Meaning, if desired, you can grant yourself a volonté.
But there is no cosmic purpose of a life, or at least, there is no shred of evidence for that.

So life you have to live.I would say: make something beautiful and do not try to make others ‘ lives more uglier.

But, if you are very concerned with life and his worries, you do not always take the time to stop there occasionally and to relativate things.But whether this is a lack of possible understanding, I still do not know.

This is because some people think about life.

This is not meant to crack you or your question or anything like that, but this is objectively a very egocentric question (assuming you think you can understand life yourself).I am existentialist and that means that you give your own meaning to life, because there is no higher power or planned plan (no fate, that you decide) and from this point of view I will answer this question.

Life has a different meaning for everyone.Every person has his own experience, his own reality, norms and values, personality, interests, education, temperament. There is no such thing as the perfect way to lead your life. You could say: ‘ Happy/balanced is the meaning of life ‘, but that too is an opinion.

What makes you think you understand life?That you are happy? Maybe you mean happy with that your basic needs are fulfilled and that you can cherish these little things and find enough? Love giving and receiving? Fall, stand up and learn?

How you experience life is just your perception and you think it is likely that you are mentally in balance with who you are and that is something beautiful, but that does not mean that your reality is the reality that everyone should Accept.

Just an extreme example: Suppose you have a person born so that he or she knows no love and empathy and does not enjoy small things, but gets a kick from just earning money and enjoys messing with the emotions of people and beyond Voll is in balance with who he is. And above all even happy. Does he not understand life?Because this is what makes him happy. He understands his own reality, and that is his life. Perhaps this is totally unbalanced with your vision of life or that of most people, but that is because you have a completely different brain.

There may be a large group that thinks the same thing you can connect to and therefore thinks, “This is how it should be.This is the meaning of life. Together with these people, we understand life. ‘

If you assume that the meaning of life is reproduction, then you could say that people who do not want children do not understand life.If you assume that the meaning of life is partying, social and fun, then serious, introvert people don’t understand life. But conversely, they can also find this of the party beasts.

The fact that a large group thinks the same (perhaps the largest group) does not mean that this is the golden rule of humanity.’ This is how it should be ‘, no, because there is naturally variety and variation within humanity. There is no higher power that determines the purpose of humanity. Only our own reality can determine that.

My conclusion…

Every person has their own reality and every man creates his own meaning in life.This means that no one can decide for another that he or she understands life.

Understanding is an activity that prestates life.We know no notion that is not produced by a living entity. That is why life is not understandable. It does not only deprive itself of the notion but also of the perception. Perception presupposes that they live equally for themselves.

Because they think by consciously looking for logic they can get to know the “system” life.They wander. There is nothing to understand, life is spontaneous and organic, not automatic and mechanical. If you look at the engine of everything mechanically, you think that you will be puzzling through many pieces, like for example a car engine consists of many parts that together make that engine and thereby give its energy off. The engine of you and life is, however, organic, it is not that there are pieces from outside there, but it is a spontaneous process that forms from within, from within the different pieces divide themselves into several and it dves, it is formed by of B Collect from. One piece implies all other pieces, just like a acorn of a tree that falls on the ground, has the promise of a huge tree in it if the circumstances are good to grow, he has it already in it, no other pieces must be added from outside D, also the acorn tree is organic, as…. we and life. It’s not actually adding, but divestment of superfluous things, people, situations, that makes life more bearable, no more but less. Finding what you are ideal for growing is the key to having a life that is sufficient. Organic processes Are living things, like us and the whole cosmos.

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