Why don’t our ears sit on top of our heads like other mammals?

Inside the skull are all the ear holes on the side for each animal.Earcups of most animals that hunt or chase are sitting on their heads so they can better delve into sound. Our ears do not move and not moving ears sit well on the side of your head.

Many animals have ears on the side though.

Some animals have uneven ears like owls.

It helps them to hear at what altitude their prey is. And how far exactly.

By evolution.

If your ears sit on top of your head you can hear any sound in your area, but if seated next to your head you can better pinpoint the sound. So you see that lions also have their ears quite close to the side. This is because in sound lions want to fight, where many other animals want to flee. Now they sit at people all the way to the side because we have on top of her. This is seemingly more important than being able to hear more. With her, for example, your head stays cooler in the sun which is a big advantage for people, so it can serve as a camouflage in grass.

So “on top of the head 鈧?娄 like other mammals” you say. You have a very normative and standardized depiction of mammals.The animals whose photos follow, are they not mammals? Or are they like the man of ‘ abnormal ‘ mammals? So We feel less alone: Welcome to the Club!

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