Why don’t Muslims eat a pig?

Because pigs behave like….Pigs.

Suggest.You are a bedouine goat shepherd near Mecca. After hours of walking with your goats you finally arrive at the only water source in the area. You almost thirst for goats running to the water source, and then you see the water source, or what’s going on.

It is abundantly clear that a few hours earlier your neighbor has been the pig shepherd here. The pigs have done what pigs do.The cheering pigs have completely torn the scarce plants out of the ground, and are then rolling into the shallow pool. They have done their need in the water.

It will now take weeks for the water to be clean enough to drink.Also because the plants that have been holding the sand are gone, there is a great risk that with a big sand storm, the whole water pool will disappear under the sand for good.

The goat Keeper is angry with the pig keeper who has completely ruined the water pool.He is also panicky, because he now does not know if he can still get dried goats alive to another pool. He also wonders how many of his goats would survive after drinking the contaminated water.

Judaism and Islam are all in the same desert environment.The dislike that Jews and Muslims share against pigs is about preserving the scarce drinking water.

In Europe there are sufficient water sources, and the need to protect water sources is not so urgent

The answer is simple.Muslims don’t just eat a pig because it’s an all-eater. For example, we don’t eat meat eaters.

We should not eat pork by the fats, bacteria and giraffes it contains.

Think it is generally known that pork is not good for you.

Furthermore, we have nothing against pigs.We are even thankful to them, because they keep the world clean. They eat garbage.

It is also allowed as a last resort.Better pork eating than dying of hunger.

Because God has forbidden it.This also applies to Jews. You can pick up all sorts of things about hygiene and so on, but the basis lies in the prohibition by God.

Incidentally, I do not believe, but a Muslim does.

Tested with some Muslim friends, I think it was simpler to impose a religious ban on people to protect them: pigs are-especially where it is warmer-more susceptible to all sorts of diseases.And I have a general connection with religions: How up-todate are all these rules and what is at the heart of every religion.

Firstly, Muslims do everything that Allah commands to them.Islam means surrender and this implies that Muslims complete their will and their deeds to Allah.When Allah commands or prohibits something, Muslims should follow this.

Allah says in the Koran in Soerah Baqarah verse 173:

“He has only forbidden for you the dead animals (the non-ritual slaughtered), the blood, the flesh of the pig and that which is (at the slaughter) a different name than that of Allah is pronounced.But whoever is compelled by necessity, without him wishing, nor to break the boundaries, it is not a sin for him. Truly, Allah is the oft-forgiving, the Merciful. “

For Muslims, this is already enough reason to avoid pork.In addition, it is also proven that pork is the unhealthiest type of meat and that it can often contain harmful bacteria and diseases.

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