Why don’t more people do volunteer work instead of hanging for the tube?

Volunteering is not the only alternative to watching TV.Nevertheless, a lot of people are actually willing to volunteer, if it is also fun at the same time.

Why are online sites such as Wikipedia and Quora proven so successful, while the people who contribute to it are usually unpaid and therefore volunteer work?Because it’s fun! It’s nice to be able to share your knowledge. You are recognized by other people and it caresses your ego. Of course, this doesn’t have to be bad. Because both you and the readers benefit from it. Moreover, the need for recognition is high on the pyramid of Maslow. [1

On the other hand, volunteering is not always fun.

I have done volunteer work for Wikimedia and also for my Church association. It’s not always fun and often it’s a bit more stiff than paid work. Why? Some people want to push their will and opinion, because they receive satisfaction from that. When you get paid, you often do things you don’t feel like, or you have less trouble working together. After all, you are paid for your effort. You get satisfaction from your wages.

I hope I have answered this question somewhat.Thank you for asking me this question Kristof Mich (kristof mich).


[1 Pyramid of Maslow-Wikipedia

I do both of them once!I am now 64, on my 58-Ste in the WW ended up after 25 years working in social work and 13 years of ICT (call center and financial software construction). When the WW ended, Pr茅pension was included (although no indexations and an imminent rebate, but on balance still more than one assistance allowance and no hassle with officials who always say you are applying too little). In the beginning it was a lot of volunteer work, really the idea of: I’m still too young to sit behind the geraniums. At the moment some slight health complaints, nothing serious but some joints that are painful and sleeping badly, and then it is also nice to have no too crowded agenda and a few times a year I also plan holidays and report to the various Volunteer jobs that I would rather not scheduled become. I think it’s just fine, just a little 40 years ago you went to retire with your 65 anyway, you were confronted with your most sixty-year-old reorganization then there were several benefit schemes without job application so basically I have it for myself More or less regulated in the same way. I think it is very much about everyone’s personal situation.

I suspect that most people prefer to opt for a cosy and useful volunteer job than for the ‘ tube hanging ‘.The main reason not to follow that preference is probably fear. I suspect that fear of social functioning is structurally underestimated. Social functioning requires behavior, exposure to others, exhausting and exciting.

And then the sequel to the question: provide a socially safe atmosphere and easy cosiness if you want to attract volunteers.

The thought that people would rather be lazy than tired is not true for physical work.It is especially the effort for ‘ you behave ‘ that volunteers do choose to prefer lazy to the tube than active volunteer work.

Freedom of employment is not for me.I sometimes give a contribution to something more socialized but not more. There are too many ragamuffins with the argument that they manage a lot of personal benefit. If you have questions about how it is, we will never answer.

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