Why don’t I feel empathy and can’t understand why someone feels it?

Don’t you feel empathy at all, never not?Then that may be due to a personality disorder such as primary psychopathy, secondary psychopathy (sociopathy) or narcissistic personality disorder with (traits of) the Antisocial personality disorder.

Why you specifically don’t feel empathy is a difficult question to answer, certainly without more personal information.And Missxhien not the right place. However, why you cannot understand why other people are empathic is simply because you have not experienced it.

Empathy you can simply have, or learn.Something that many people think is incorrect is that when one knows no empathy, this person could never get it. It is only by chance that I am personally very empathic, hypersensitive, but not necessarily recognized as empathic. I used to know of no envy what it meant, let alone why I cried when others cried in the neighborhood.

The energy that people around me give me I absorb like a sponge and come back twice as hard from me than given me, unconsciously!

Understanding others is tricky, in all cases.It doesn’t matter whether it’s empathy or simply understanding why someone is sick. Understanding for something that does not take you away is always extremely tricky, let alone for something as tricky to define as empathy. Something that is tremendously based on feeling and a kind of energy field is for people that most do not get a grip on!

Feel free to ask yourself, accept that you can understand everything.Accept yourself and slowly in life you will find more and more elements that you can define to triggers to better understand empathic people. No worries.

You may have a form of Alexithymie.There are several gradations of recognizing emotions, which can lead to the failure to feel your emotional state.Do you recognize your own emotions?

I had already replied that clarification should be given to what I am now going to put down pens.What are the disadvantages of empathy?

It is in how we define empathy.Some go over there slightly and then it feels like a wet fingerwork for me. I appeal to the strict definition of empathy: 鈧?艙Empathy is inpathy, the skill or ability to live in the situation and feelings of others. 鈧?br>What I stumble upon is feelings of others.Although I can fully live in the situation of the other, I refuse to invoke the fact that I could do with the feelings of that other.
And maybe that’s just what you’re struggling with as well.The realization that this empathy does not exist. And when you have it, you cannot understand that another can feel. That does not mean that you are heartless, have no feelings, can not estimate the consequences of pain and suffering. That just want to say, that you can’t move in that other.
But it is very difficult to make that substantial clear.
I will tell you how it is with me, maybe it helps you to understand what is going on in you (subject to the same mechanism that applies to you).
For example, when I look at a sad moment in a movie or real life, you can say thunder that I leave tears.I fully live in that situation. But I leave tears because I have placed my head, with my feelings and my view on the body of the person concerned. And I am fully aware of that, that I am sitting in that body. So of empathy is not there, because how that person experiences it is perhaps totally different. In order to be able to do that, you actually have to compare with people who are miles away from your own insights and character. And then it comes! They do something that totally does not correspond to your living world. And you’re calling it out 鈧?艗how is that possible now that they do that? 鈧? For example, move in the head of those hooligans during the demonstration with the yellow stitches. Way Empathy! You actually come to the observation that you are doing selective empathy. Because where you would be disgusting of their behavior, you cannot imagine that you assume it as normal behavior, but that should be you in that case.
And believe me, I had to always go off on the empathy of others as far as I am concerned.I should have left quite a bit. The fears and emotions that they experience in my place empathically? They are not me and I am not them! That ensures that I can greatly appreciate my fellow man because he is different. And I acknowledge that and can live with it.
I would like to mention the definition earlier: “empathy is the ability to be able to live in the situation and to understand the feelings of others.”

Uhm, sorry, just to help a misdetour out of the way.Empathy you can not feel. Empathy is not an emotion like anger or disappointment. Empathy is the ABILITY to live in the emotional state of another.

IE, you can inlive in MY anger, or in MY grief.You can feel a bit of my emotion.

So maybe that makes that clearer for you what’s going on?

A correct definition of empathy is important, as Mr Van Acker has already provided nicely.Empathy is not emotionality

Emotional sensitivity and perception of emotions of others is a tool at empathy, but certainly not the only one.It leads as often to removal, prejudice and condemnation, through gut feelings.

Emotional revival certainly has a great value, but also a rational involvement in others is possible, with observations and logic playing a valuable role.

Of course, a combination of both aspects, ratio and emotion, is useful in empathic functioning and usually even very desirable, but also then it requires a mature processing and application of received information.