Why does women seem to be the unspoken rule that they should be beautiful? Do men also feel this social pressure?

Quite cru said: Women have to sell themselves.That was literally so, in the past: women weren’t much more than property.

When we were still hunters/collectors, men and women were much more equal to each other.There was change when we got possession. “We” is in this case humanity, but especially the male half of it.

From that moment it became important for those men to know that their children were also really THEIR children, so that the possession would remain in their own family.That’s where the virginisation is coming from.

A woman who looks good is healthy.A healthy woman gets healthy children who stay longer. So an attractive woman is important. And of course it’s also a status symbol: If your wife looks good, that means you’re rich enough to make her look good.

Men have a very different emphasis: those of rich, good in his family with a roof over their heads and eating in their belly.And a great competition with other men to fight the scarce resources.

We are now living in a society where few of all these mechanisms are still useful.However, it is a pagan chore to get people to change these mechanisms. Feminism has been around for more than 100 years, and although a lot has changed, some things are so subdued that it is very difficult to grasp and it will take some time before it really changes.

Boys and girls are still not raised the same, yet they still learn those old role patterns.Not as strong as it used to be, but still enough to make a difference in how men and women are seen and how they stand in society.

I found this to be a very enlightening research:

This shows that people REALLY treat boys and girls differently, and often do not really look at what the child wants.

As long as we do this, we will keep that social pressure on men and women.

In the Netherlands, We are already pretty good with it though.I moved to America 6 years ago, and I felt a time traveler in many ways: 50 years back in time! Women here in Kentucky are really veeeeeeeeel less far than in the Netherlands.

The social pressure that I am involved in among many men is rather the development of the career, the skills you have, the audacity you have, and possessions.The image is just as stereotyped as the beauty, wealth, ideal family among many women. We all live in a social environment where expectant patterns are against which you have to mirror it seems. If you follow these patterns then you meet the expectations and you are a MAK lamb. If you do not follow the patterns then you are the black sheep. It is important to acknowledge that none of these qualities can make a man really happy. There is no end to the possible careers you can make, or the skills you can learn, or the beauty you can have. What’s most important is to be happy with yourself, even if no one is watching. But that is also the hardest.

‘ Beautiful-being ‘ is associated with healthy-being, and healthy-being with fertility.For countless centuries, women could not build up an independent life-they had to meet the man, for protection, food, clothing, housing etc. In return, they had to be fertile-infertility was a heavy cross, in those days. Archaeological finds show that women also wore jewelry very long ago; They probably also made themselves beautiful in other ways.

Men did not have to be so much beautiful as they were strong, or agile.An ugly but good hunter was quicker than a beautiful, but not agile hunter. The ‘ Beauty ‘ of men was thus differently shaped: the most beautiful girl, the most attractive, the best-in-the-way fights, tournaments, sports competitions in which men measure themselves. Somberers have even given this as an explanation for the endless wars that have been fought-in the tribal age The victors took home the wives of the losers. In later times rape by the victors was not unusual. The series of Crusades to Jerusalem has become part of sexual treks with the effect of spreading the gene pool and reducing inbreeding. Modern footballers-Agile, strong boys-are keen to show themselves with ‘ The Football woman ‘: A well-managed doll next to a poorly skilled, but agile athlete.

And it helps to be beautiful.It helps with job interviews, it even helps if you need to come in. Research shows that beautiful people get less severe punishment, can count on more compassion, just get some more privileges. Also today girls and young women are almost obliged to be beautiful: the clothes, the makeup, the hair, the shoes, even the attitude and the way of looking. It sits deep, very deep.

Or, very irreverently said: at birth, the baby’s fits are spread and at that moment it is determined: either: He is going to work, or: she is going to marry.It is only recently that we realise that it can also be done differently.

The makeup and perfumery-industry; The lingerie industry; The high heels industry, etc.: = Fertility industry.

It is an “unwritten rule” that they also impose on themselves.At the same time, there are plenty of women who ignore this rule as “rule”.
If you want to be beautiful as a woman, there is nothing wrong with that.If you do it for yourself and are satisfied with it.

Men also feel social pressure, but not in the way that women feel.Men also like to be beautiful, but don’t call that pretty. Men want to be “masculine”. Men want to be tough or powerful.
Look at the hipster hype.Men who suddenly buy all sorts of beauty products and regularly long at the hairdresser, sorry Barbier sit to make their hair and beard style as a tough man would look like. (On photos)
With the words of Robin Williams: They look like lumberjack, but with very soft hands.

I am not going to come back to how evolution caused us to get so far.But the answer from Quora user made me think a little further. These rules are there, and we are free to admit it or not. And those rules also have their advantages. Let’s leave plastic surgery and harmful cosmetic products aside (Louboutins may remain:-)). What does it deliver to us? When I look at myself? Clean on myself, I don’t want to be overweight so I pay attention to my diet and I do sport. That is cycling and that will allow me to get to know Belgium better. And that’s nice. My attire choice may not be an all-man choice but I’m not looking at it and that’s good for self-confidence (I’ll be wearing white socks and sandals), but I feel good about it and my wife doesn’t hear me complaining. Finally, I’ll do it and who knows, without those unwritten rules, I might be lying somewhere in a hospital because my heart can’t pull the overweight.
As for my wife.Well, she also admits to these rules and, in my humble opinion, she still looks very good. I still have to pay attention to the competition:-)!
As long as it’s not an obsession for me, it’s all OK!A six pack doesn’t have to, but a ton either.

I think that not conforming to the standards will cost more energy than conforming.

We reason an accident, especially about things we already did when we walked around in bears.

Imagine.You have indeed just stripped such a beast of its skin. Then you are going to break the teeth out of the skull, and you just come up with the idea of making a chain of it.

Think about it. That’s going to cost you huge time.Dremel drill bits and sockets have not yet been invented. So time and effort. But that’s time you need to organize food for the tribe… So such a necklace is perhaps the most expensive product in the wide environment.

So there must have been a tremendous compulsion to make yourself and each other beautiful.For at all times afterwards, ornamental boards for embellishment were a recurring theme.

So peer-pressure?No, propagation. We do not need more motivation for bald monkeys. Dig deeper into modern proportions, and attempt to suppress this innate behavior.. Pointless occupation, and in this time an occupation that begins to become poisonous.

We are bald monkeys.Not so far advanced in relation to our furry cousins. Itching of your bud (whether it’s on a stick or not) is still one of the most important behavior-pulsating elements.

Within almost all cultures you should look good (read are beautiful).As a result, ‘ being beautiful ‘ is a social pressure. After all, beautiful people are more successful, as evidenced by research. Especially among young people, this pressure is great. What the peer group thinks is important, plus you want to find a partner who is in the group you deal with and sometimes outside.

I only think that men experience it differently and that especially in women, the pressure is greater than among men.In my own environment I see Girlfriends jointly buy clothes and enjoy a beauty weekend, while men prefer to go to eg. The 24-hour race in Le Mans go and let their clothes with their wife or by their wife buy. Whether the latter is a convenience, or succumbing to the pressure of their partner, I dare not say.

In short, the pressure to be beautiful is broader and consists of the pressure to get to your surroundings as best as possible.That pressure is, according to me, equal for men and women, but is otherwise polite.

A somewhat unfriendly mop.Someone asks God: Why have you made women so beautiful? Answer God: that you can love her. Anedere question. But why have you made her so stupid. Answer God: That she may love you.

Personal experiences yes though, some of us want to look good, how more uncertain the person the more need to be “beautiful”, maybe more clothes-bra ring-muscular look, style etc

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