Why does Quora have so few positive written about Narcisten? Is it not a disorder that the person in question can do anything about?

I understand I don’t quite think what you mean.Do you think there is little positive written about the disorder itself? Because that is rather easy to explain. Narcissism is not certain to be called positive. Or do you mean more that people with a narcissistic disorder can also have good qualities? That is certainly true, but in what context should it be written? That is because of the narcissism seems to me.

I think the word narcissism is above average for Quora.
I would prefer to have something else.Personally, I don’t have that much with Narcisten. Neither do I think of me.

And why is there so few positive positions on the Quora about dictatorsers, drug pushers and pimps?Surely it’s just people who do what they find what they need to do, regardless of the consequences for others? Must still be able to be in a democracy?

True, but that also applies to psychopaths and paedophiles.

I just find an interesting article in the NRC.No one is born as a narcissist (but you can get it though)

Then there should be no nasty things to be written about paedophiles.Also not about Sociopathen and other Gespuis.

I agree with your question.It is mercilessly settled with you if you dare to say or ask something positive about narcissism. That’s because people here are concerned with the effect that narcissists had on them in a relational sense. That may be true, but also somewhat unilateral.

The other side of the story is that those narcissists are also the people who are admired for their can; It explains, for example, that well-known actors, presenters, businessmen, artists, scientists and politicians are considered ‘ unpleasant ‘, but the best ones are in their profession.So yeah, what reason has a narcissist to change himself.

The truth is I think ‘ the narcissist ‘ is not understood by many because there is a difference in vision, brutality and intelligence that the other cannot overcome.A disorder in personality that is pathetic is found, that may be of many people. But a narcissist makes them feel pathetic and that they are lacking. And that cannot.

Against a narcissist bidding, that does not succeed as with other people.. If you are bothered by this, it is also better to take away.

Most people will really be weing until never bothered by a narscist, and don’t really know what narcissism really means.Many questions are about one’s “narscistic ex”, but in 99% of those cases there is absolutely no question of a narcissistic personality disorder, but it concerns a rancunous and frustrated questioner, or an ex who is just a selfish jerk .

The fact that so many negative about Narscists is written is the result of the umpteenth battle separation.

The problem is-I suspect-something more complicated than you think.

In general, narcissistic personality disorder is written in a very negative way, and the honesty area is to say that this is very much in the Dutch language Quora compared to the English language Quora, and the rest of the Internet.There, narcissists are similar demonic dogs and there is a huge amount of “Narc-Hate” written by people who have “survived” an experience with a narcissist-as if it were so difficult, “Narc-survivers”. I see almost t-shirts and caps.

It starts with the fact that most people disagree with the implication of your last question.”A disorder that the person in question cannot do anything about”. Most people find that nonsense.

Those same people also use a contradictory and equally persistent negativism of “they never change”.That doesn’t really make them even more susceptible to further reason.

Than the perhaps most important point: those people did not agree with Narcisten, but with Sociopathen, in most of the cases, but they have no idea of this, because they are not a psychiatrist.

Not that narcissistic personalities can not cause problems, that is absolutely not said, but if you look at the behavior as described by by far most narc-survivors, then it clearly speaks sociopathy.And that is much more similar to reality, because the chance of a sociopath is 5 to 7 times greater than you are against a narcissist. And where are different from all those stories about people being abused by psychopaths?

And so there have been countless misconceptions about what is now narcissistic disorder and what that looks like, and we have only made a jar of it.

In fact, there is nothing good to write about Narcisten, because unless someone has had a psychiatric examination and the results of that research are made public, you will never know of anyone whether he has a personality disorder or not.

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