Why does no country dare to intervene in North Korea, while the population is being suppressed and/or suffering from hunger? A country that is lagging behind in the development can still be militarily not too strong?

A number of issues.

Firstly, countries do not intervene in pity.Countries are intervening if something is to be picked up. In North Korea There is very little to pick up, so the will to invade is almost non-existent in all countries.

Secondly, they have nuclear weapons.If attacked, North Korea can wreak havoc on the offensive country or South Korea, possibly an allied country of the offensive power.

Thirdly, North Korea may not be ‘ super strong ‘, but they are fanatical.Compare it a bit with Japan in WWII. One of the reasons why the VSA had decided to deploy a nuclear bomb was because the Japanese would have fought until the last man, even with the prong if it had to. In North Korea you would see the same thing.

Fourthly, military intervention in itself is insufficient and possibly even harmful; We have seen this in countries like Iraq and Libya.How do you intervene militarily without making civilian casualties (very difficult; see above)? What do you do next? Are you leaving the country in chaos?

Fifthly, there are of course the alliances.China would not just make an attack happen. China itself could intervene, militarily or through another pressure tool, but human rights of course do not interest them as an atom (see point 1), so that will not happen.

All of this ensures that the likelihood of intervened in North Korea is particularly small. If it is already intervened, it will certainly not be a pity on the people.

‘, ‘ Because everyone who could do something about it, if a child is so happy with North Korea.China has a buffer zone and for Japan and the US, North Korea is the guarantee that South Korea will remain in the Western camp. The Koreans are not too fond of the Japanese, because they have kept there for WWII as unscrupulous colonials. In The unlikely scenario that North Korea would become a decent country, the Koreas would be able to unite, which would inevitably lead to the removal of Japan and hence the US. In this way, all rulers benefit from the status quo.

“,” For five very simple reasons:

  1. Guarantors. North Korea has strong guarantors.

A Russia and a China. Although the relationship with China is what Stroefjes are (since the pro-Chinese factions in Pyongyang have been executed, and their relatives have been given a single gulag), there is a certain degree of dependence on China from North Korea. Especially that North Korea is a convenient place to develop and manufacture technologies that one cannot make in their own country, because of the pressing eyes of international observers (think of so-called dual-use technology).But economically, when one is in Beijing, they prefer to see a united Korea, shaken by South Korean principles (read: capitalist). But the Russians are still there. They find North Korea a handy buffer that prevents the West (read: Turkey) and the east (read: China) from advancing too far. In fact, they have become rather dependent on the North Koreans since they are active in Syria. In Pyongyang they have a very good memory, and they will really not leave those Russian skeletons in the closet, should that be necessary.

  • Garantor. In contrast, North Korea is also a guarantor for peace and prosperity in Asia.
  • Let me say otherwise: Kim Jong-Un’s fatty fingers lie in the scales that make the advantage for all to strike out. China still has an outstanding account with Russia (Russia has played their famous game of ‘ border poles ‘ with China from the 17th century onwards).Russia still has an outstanding account with Japan (that war in the early twentieth century, which the Russians have smashly lost, and the six boards were for the coffin for the Romanov dynasty and Russia’s reputation in the West in general).

  • Social Engineering. North Korea is not a country, but the largest, longest-lasting social engineering experiment in human history.
  • And one regards it too early to draw conclusions from that experiment, but the consensus among North Korean scientists is generally: man is workable. Yes, the North Koreans are hungry and suppressed. Yes, the North Koreans see, thanks to the lively trade in USB sticks (full of South Korean pop music, Chinese soaps, Japanese animation and German pornography), also known to be different in the rest of the world. But I dare to bet a lot that they will be the last to lose their leaders.

  • Army. Of course, they are all unsealed soldiers, armed with not exactly the newest or the most modern.
  • But there are many. In terms of standing army, they are the fifth in the world (just between Russia and Pakistan), but reservists and paramilitaries add up to the highest number of soldiers in the world. More than the United States (even if we add the reservists and paramilitaries to them). If you think: Alas, some bombers and tactical nuclear weapons will solve the problem again. Then we come to the last point:

  • Underground. Perhaps you remember the Vietnam war, where the large, modern American army could not resist rice farmers who were hiding in immense tunnel systems?
  • No? You may still remember the Battle of Iwo Jima, a tiny rock spilled in the sea, that the Japanese had changed into one large fortress, so deeply buried that the Americans lost more people than to the Normandy landings, and there were more Americans injured anyway If there were any Japanese on the island. Imagine that someone is doing such a thing with an entire country, and has decades for it and has the disposal of concrete and steel. That country we call North Korea. Kim Jong-Un only has to cut with his greasy fingers and the entire population sits under the ground within a time frame of minutes. Everything from value, from weapons, military installations to complete factories, have been put underground. Using satellite imagery, a number of inputs and outputs of tunnels have been discovered: several thousand, but it is suspected that this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Maginot line is compared to a sandcastle, because the North Koreans are smart enough to have all the weapons, from light artillery to ballistic missiles (one even has the technology to refuel a rocket horizontally, something even Elon Musk not for each other), put on wheels that one can drive in and out as a tunnel. You will think: Yes, but the Americans have also smoked the Taliban with fuel bombs in Tora Bora? Yes, but Tora Bora did not have doors that could survive a nuclear explosion. Bunker Busters then? They are so shy that America has only a handful of them.

    Koddige Anecdote: A friend intelligence expert, B.D. once said above a bubbling “alas, the most important buildings in Pyongyang stand on hydraulic jacks.One push of a button, and everything slides into the ground. ” Until today I still don’t know if he was kidding.

    A millitary intervention would lead to a very high bloodshed.In the previous Korea war, millions of civilian casualties fell, and the next one will happen again. No one is waiting for that, even the North Korean people.


    Although North Korea is not too strong, China does have a military force that also respects the Americans.The only reason that North Korea exists is that the Chinese see North Korea as a buffer zone. South Korea has a strong military force, and is a loyal American ally. They do not want them directly on their borders. The only reason China was under the Korea War was because the North Korean regime was on the verge of losing.


    If China does not intervene, the North Koreans can make quite a bit of damage.Seoul is not far from the border, and would incur considerable damage. Also Tokyo and the Americasnse West Coast liggennin range of North Korean balistic missiles.

    Looking at the herreniging of East and West Germany, we see that the east is still poorer and less developed. And that while East Germany had an aatdig developed economy and industry.Nietemin is that after the herreniging Alkemaal collapsed, and the West now sends money to the east. Also populist parties like Pegida are mateless POPULITLR in the east, which does not benefit the political stability of the Federal Republic.

    North Korea is even worse.It would cost hundreds of billions to lay only a base in North Korea. Infrastructure, Industy runs behind decades. North Korea would have been a disadvantaged area for decades. From the south, resistance will come to the north to remain subdidents, in the north one will feel disadvantaged and exploited, and populist parties will seize the opportunity to exploit the two-spalt.

    Although China wants to accept a herreniging under certain conditions, FE costs will be enormous.They are remarkably young South Koreans who do not see a herreniging for that reason.

    At fit moment they just let Zosls it is.

    I personally think this is a complicated question.Firstly, what caused all these problems in North Korea? Is it fully pointing to Kim Jong Un or has it also to do with the institution of other countries like the USA. Those have determined the course of things from their point of view, and the rest of the world has problems against going against the US.

    D, McArthur once said: Make sure that the United States never get involved in a land war in Asia.In Indochina, France and then the United States became involved in a land war and were both driven by small, malnourished soldiers from the opposing party.

    It is illegal.
    In 1648 at the peace of Munster, peace of Westphalen, which ended the eighty Years ‘ War and the Thirty Years ‘ War, it was agreed that sovereign States did not declare each other the war to differ from understanding how the country should be governed Be.At that time it was about Catholic versus Protestant. This Treaty is part of the agreements concluded by the United Nations countries.

    Well It is a sensitive situation e.g. if a country would be a real thing Kim don’t like using everything he has and despite how the population look and suffer everything is better than the 3 generation rule and finally Yes modern army can use their arsenal Ke but finally, Korea would be much less of a population because Kim would rather sacrifice his people than his position

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