Why does my girlfriend want only the lusts of our relationship but not the burdens?

Because she is lazy. And because they probably do not see it as a real relationship but more like an o it is a nice situation I can now reap the benefits of.

At the moment something is going to happen what hair this will stand on she will most likely take the legs I talk to you so also then strongest to cut off this relationship now

If first would come into me head “commitment issue”. I always thought only men suffer from this but I have a good friend who has the same.Some people may feel anxious when a relationship would deepen themselves. So they keep it as superficial as possible. Do not bind. There are people who, from selfish reasons, want another next to them, and in this way it is to say that they are so abused by the other. But the underlying issue of many who suffer from binding fear is precisely their own uncertainty that awakens fear in the moment, there is a need to get too close. People with binding anxiety have a flight response to “danger”. And their inner fear is seen in their eyes as a threat so danger. But it may well be that those who are struggling with this also strive for a healthy relationship the proximity and mystery that a partner can and wants to offer. Unfortunately their inprint response of flights activates as soon as possible they experienced this proximity. What for us people who are just looking for stability are people with a fear of bonding as blunt and numb because we do not understand why it does not want to be what we like so much. Especially if the further contact is good on the surface. But they can be so uncertain in themselves that they prefer to choose superficial relationships and if the moment comes when the other is going to want to go more they would rather break the relationship to protect themselves in that way. Who should they protect themselves from? Not yours or me. Of the underlying uncertainty that their paralyzed and fear is so high that they cannot handle thinking so they flee. Because if you have nothing, you also have nothing to lose. They do not dare the risks that it can ever run wrong so they prefer not to take these risks.

The best thing you do if this is the cause in your case is to go along as it is and slowly let the other’s trust win.As MN’s girlfriend tells us when she constantly gets the question when we will continue our relationship scared them dead and gets the cold feet. But if she gets the space to slowly go into the relationship trust then she will gradually get closer. Once you leave a toothbrush then some more personal stuff. Etc. Let it develop at its own pace.

If you decide that you do not trust this might take forever process you are also right to.You never have to submit topics like that your inner peace costs is that then they say a too expensive. So observe her your relationship and yourself. Take only as much of what you can handle otherwise you will cost mentally emotionally and ultimately physical health. And there is no one waiting for that. Strive for happiness never let you be unhappy especially by the other. A relationship must be in balance.

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