Why does it seem harder for most people to make new friends as they age?

It is mainly about supply.It has nothing to do with ‘ making friends ‘, although many people do so.

You used to be in school with hundreds of others around you.Chances are that there were some people in between who were your claims. In addition, as a teenager, you are a kind of on survival tour. Everyone who sits there has one goal. Diploma. You sit with them all in the same boat, which automatically gives already (more) connection.

If you’re older, don’t swim daily in that pool of people who all go the same way and sit in the same little boat as you.Everyone goes all the way, so even if you have the same number of people in your area (think of the work), everyone is on a different route and a different stage than you are. The chances of finding someone directly connected to you will be considerably smaller than in the school scenario.

Then it still plays the idea that your friends should need?No friends have unhealthy! Oh yeah? Who says that? I have no friends (as most people describe them)-there I am not at all opposed to file, so many relationships to enter a high level. Have friends and give the attention they need, that’s really not for me. In the cost-benefit scenario, ‘ friends ‘ do not look good at me. It just doesn’t pay for me (in terms of energy) and so does the possible friend who gets no attention. For me, friends are a kind of luxury, I can’t afford them in my current lifestyle.

That does not mean that I do not know many people or are on good footing with them.I know people everywhere, but I deliberately don’t call them friends because they don’t meet the profile of what society has in mind with ‘ a friend ‘.

So is it really harder?Or is the offer lower and maybe your need too? I just connect people to activities. I like to eat sushi with a woman I ever met through my work. That’s the only thing I do with it. Great fun to speak to her after so much time. It stays nice.
Friends?No idea. Friendly, she is:)

The question is rather steering.I don’t think that t becomes harder to make new friends. The only thing is that people already have a lot of contacts, and those who do not have them but want to have are often desperate for new friends. Yes and there I do not lend myself. I have noticed that some people wear out friends, new ones are coming again.

I attach to long-term good relationships, some friends of mine I know over 40 years.Welcome guests on any occasion. Problem is only that they spread live. Now we are looking for a new house so the question is relevant, and yet I think my existing circle of friends (and that of my wife) remain primary. House in T middle of NL look for it;-)

I would think about the question that it will be easier: you know yourself better and your strong and less strong qualities.I feel very good about who does and does not fit in my life. A direct answer might be that elderly people (say above 60) are sometimes more grumbling and not as flexible but sticking to own ideas without listening. Anyway Remain open to new people already helps a lot.

It depends on your definition of friendship.That’s personal to everyone. First of all, it is important that you are your own best friend. Finally you are 24/7 with yourself. Learn to know yourself at deeper levels. Ask yourself what role a friendship should have in your life. Get to know your true individual interests, not what other people expect, want or need. Go do the things that give you satisfaction. This way, you’ll be tastier in your skin and meet people who have the same interests. A good start! In addition, you must realise that friendship, other people, must be a complement in your life. Not a substitute for a void or lack. Everything is attraction. Everyone in your life is therefore a match with you at a certain level. Unfortunately that means not only the things you like about yourself, but also the things you don’t like about yourself. For example, if you are emotionally closed you have a great chance that the person you would like to contact will have the same problem. Learn to trust yourself, learn who you really are and what you really want and the people who are on the same path will cross you. Open up to new possibilities!

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