Why does it feel so good to share secret things that are bothering you with someone?

Because we want to be accepted as a human being.We would like confirmation that we are still loved and accepted, even though we have done something that our social herd does not agree with. We want to be honest to our fellow man. All this has to do with social pressure, the primem instinct for survival.

Because they are bothering you.Presumably you are having a conscience problem. And to test this out, you tend to share it (generally someone you trust). As Delano Zuurman already mentioned, you make him complicit.But now, it is not because you are sitting with something that you have therefore done something criminal. You may have an ethical problem. And then it helps to have feedback from those who hear your secret. It helps to place and possibly put in a different perspective. Whether you’re getting the lesson spelled, tacitly approving or a relativation, it almost always works well.

You better just write on it and then burn better as telling it to someone else.Goal is to get it out of your system. Thing is to tell other your secrets you can get into the knot later. Anything you say can be used against you better silence unless it is someone with confidentiality but also there are limits to it. If you need to be so needed, walk into a Catholic church. Sit in the confessional corner.

Because you are worrying about it, and if you are worrying about it, there is a huge amount of energy in it just as long until it’s mastered your whole day.

This is already so for a plain secret let alone one that bodes you for whatever reason.And if you share then that responsibility is shared, it gives you an accomplice, but also someone who can or cannot help you solve the problem.

People are essentially not made to keep things secret, we simply are not good at it because we cannot get rid of it (normally/usually).

People who do this can usually have one or several disorders, whether this is a 鈧?艙simpele 鈧?disorder or a psychopath.

Therefore, always try to tell the truth or at least not to lie, stay mindful, and if someone says 鈧?艙you want a secret science 鈧?then make sure you are out of the room with the speed of light.

The answer is already in your question, because it is bothering someone and feels good to express it.The more you talk about it, the more you can give it a place. This makes you less transverse and the feeling can eventually disappear.

This is fundamental to the well-known ‘ psychoanalysis ‘ of S. Freud.

A person (according to Freud) pushes through his childhood a whole varia of sexual dissatisfaction to the subconscious mind, usually this was opposite the parents (eg.The Oedipus complex).

Freud treated his patients through a Socratic posture during a dialogue.

Usually the patient was asked by the physician to lie down on a bench with his face; He did this in order not to mislead the patient with a possible wrong facial expression, while he entered into a dialogue with the physician: it was intended that the patient felt safe enough to be the most intrinsically, secretly-childhood memories, From where the repressed-“good” was located (the subconscious mind), to bring back upwards.The beautiful thing was that S. Freud only played the mediator 鈧?”like Socrates that was never biased, and only in a continuous-negation wrong about even the most logical conclusions.

The writing itself also works in this way: with all the knowledge that is currently hidden 鈧?”you have to pave your way, with pencil, by a blank sheet of paper.

An artist (painter, writer, poet) is only good when he shows what is hidden from us, 鈧?”but still leaves the discovery to us.F. Nietzsche called this artist in his introduction to his book ‘ Birth of the tragedy, ‘ that he wrote to that kind of artists, or, in his own words: ‘ A book for artists perhaps with analytical and retrospective talents. ‘ 鈧?”what’s just as beautiful is to human life, is that it is clean hidden, in ourselves, and because it still has no explanation, we hide it, be it with anger, or shame: art works Emancipatorisch.

Shame is now also what the practiced philosopher or artist will never be worried about.This is also fundamental to presenting or expressing ideas.

How can we now know that what we keep secret is not merely a oppression of ourselves, by ourselves?What would you not know about your secret that the other one knows? 鈧?”and yes, with all the necessary tensions, 鈧? you show a weak spot 鈧?”there may be some adrenaline, albeit in light affectable degree.

This is the importance of the clean-arts that is missing to us now: to show the hidden in ‘ Beauty ‘.R. Scruton continues this in an engaging documentary: ‘ Why Beauty matters. ‘

No something in the universe wants to be on its own and only on its own.Only people think they should. Keeping the lie is like a monkey floating in a tree but does not hold branches. In other words, 鈧?艗it CAN’T Be 鈧?and you deeply know that inside! The monkey knows that he must hold a branch in order to be able to 鈧?艙it 鈧?(to be able to hang in the tree). Therefore! Wherefore thou wilt share that. This money also for gossip and such.

Why it is so well-behaved?That’s what life is all about. What is favorable for some kind is encouraged.

Because we are herd animals.

Because they share your upair.

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