Why does Flanders continue to hold Brussels as its capital, while 93% of Brussels ‘ French speaking and the events Propagde French culture?

Because Brussels is historically a Flemish city.

Because Brussels is located in Flanders: it is completely surrounded by Flemish-Brabant municipalities.The majority of the people who live there go to high school in Brussels, to colleges and universities and will work there later. Many go out there and shop there.

In fact, it is not because 93% of the Brussels ‘ French can speak, that this is their main language.


The “language range” of French is indeed 93%.But what does that mean?

It means that 93% of the residents indicate “good to excellent” speak French.But that does not mean that they cannot speak other languages “good to excellent” at the same time.

Here are “language range”-figures of a study several years ago

  1. French: 95.6%
  2. Dutch: 33.3%
  3. English: 33.3%
  4. German: 21.1%
  5. Spanish: 17.5%
  6. Arabic: 11.6%
  7. Italian: 10.6%
  8. Turkish: 3.6%
  9. Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Berbers: 1 to 2%

In total you arrive at 220%!Because the Brussels owners can speak on average 2.2 languages “good to excellent”!
Of course there are only 1 language spoken, and others who speak more than 2.There are a lot of people from mixed language families at (French-Dutch, French-Arabic, English-French,…).

During the day the situation is different, because the majority of the commuters are Flemings.

Here I have no figures of it, but my feeling is that during the day the language range of Dutch should be around 50%. That of French will fluctuate little, as most Flemish commuters can also speak French.

Let me answer this question with a question: Why does the Netherlands continue to be the capital of Amsterdam while 93% of Amsterdammers speak English and the events propagate the English/American culture?

Read good answers and I am going to say next to the question that I have now been regularly in Brussels for more than 20 years and there is apparently a lot of success to get in touch with people in trade and hospitality who are suffocated to speak Dutch/Flemish and the D The French speakers that come to live in the Flemish municipalities around Brussels are getting bigger and they also do very little effort to learn Dutch.My non-existent “Flamingant ism” has grown strongly with years. Pity all.

Because otherwise the Flemish Rand becomes French-speaking and a corridor is created between Wallonia and Brussels.Everything started with the Flemish municipalities along the language border which were exchanged with Wallonia, in which the Flemish municipalities gradually franced and the French-speaking communities made it to the Dutch and to adapt to the language legislation. How far that goes, although Leuven is about 30 km away from Brussels and we have received French electoral leaflets from the UF. As a Fleming, I sometimes make contact with the government that I get the question “Do you speak French, I do not speak Dutch” and if you say no then one says “Wait a moment I will connect you with a colleague who speaks Dutch”.

If Antwerp were to become capital, perhaps the east and West Flanders would be jealous and vice versa.

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