Why does Catholicism have so many problems with abuse and paedophilia?

In my opinion, this is so within all religious currents.

Here in America most people are a form of Protestant, and the abuses in those circles do not lie in any way.

I think the difference is that the Catholics are a global organization and have one very present leader, whereas here in America there are hundreds of different societies that differ in size and are not domed and not one leader Have.

This makes it easier to speak to the Catholics as a whole, and to count all cases together than to do so for all other societies.Therefore it seems smaller than it is.

And for the cause?I believe that the huge taboo on sexuality is playing. But also I think it is a matter of who has power. Much of the abuse is “occasional abuse:” The perpetrators are not pedophile, but abuse children because they give that a kick. I actually assume that right having power is a reason to become a priest OID. What is a greater power than your God has behind you??!! I can imagine that the priests give a tremendous power feeling, and to be able to feel that feeling over and over again, they abuse their power as often as they can.

For me this is really one of the reasons why I am very loathe organized religion.Not least because it is so incredibly little done.

At the last meeting, the pope was also mainly interested in not having the abuse, but did take the time to kick the feminism down again.He is a better man than the previous pope, but he remains a power benestment who wants to keep his religion great and damage everything outside.

First, because the Catholic Church gives the only way to salvation and requires people to abide by the ethical standards that the organisation has devised.They raise the bar for others, so they should not be surprised if others expect them too.

That is an important characteristic of integrity: to not make any higher demands than you meet yourself.

That answers the question of why the Catholic Church has so many problems with abuse and paedophilia.But not why and especially not whether that is more in Catholic institutions.

Unfortunately, that is not the way. The Protestant former minister, former president of the second chamber and former mayor of The Hague, Wim Deetman, led the commission to investigate that for the Netherlands.

A few of the findings:

  • A large, representative study carried out by TNS NIPO among more than 34,000 citizens aged 40 years and over (0.2% accuracy) indicated that 9.7% of respondents before the 18th year came into contact with undesirable sexual approaches by Non-family members.
  • In THE RK Institutions that percentage was at 20.7%.

About 1/3 was committed by a RK officer (priest, brother, etc.).

  • In The non-RK settings, however, it was not better, on the contrary: 22.2%.
  • Speaks that the Roman Catholic Church is free?By no means. Does this make it clear that the problem is much more tender and affects society as a whole? Yes, and the revealed examples from the sports world, for example, make that all too clear.

    Abuse occurs In all organisations with a sexual approach to sexuality.Denying, looking away and covering make it possible.

    If you deny the existence of sexuality, then you don’t know what to do if there are abuses.There is a very few talk about the acts, so that you do not know whether a priest has put a hand on the head, has taken on his lap, or has done all sorts of sexual acts. This concerns abuses for 1965.

    In Catholicism, there are a number of things that work in the hand of abuse.

    Celibacy.The sexual energy and interest must nevertheless find a way out. Also brutal corporal punishment of children by frustrated Nontidy fit into this framework.

    The confessional.All sexual concerns are sinful and must be confessional. Thus, children can speak in their innocence about their infatuations, their desires and their ‘ sinful ‘ fantasies. For priests who are receptive to this, this opens up an opportunity to go deeper into the business, quietly seeking out those individuals who are receptive to a moral education.

    Forgiveness.The core of the doctrine is that we are all sinners but that God always forgives us again. So one can then always admit to the desire for pleasure, to beg in tears for forgiveness.

    All this suffers from a double morality, where one has two souls under the breast, which coexist.A moral, high-quality soul that lives in purity according to God’s commandments, and a lust-addicted soul, who takes over the wheel if one can take the opportunity.

    The abuse is high because the Church has a whole professional group of single men employed.These are often men who do not feel attracted to adult women. Therefore, they choose for the priesthood. You can expect a reasonably high proportion of pederasts from that group.

    Pastorers are ordinary married men and the profession therefore offers no way out for preferred gentlemen in distress.Proteante Pedos went to scouting or so.

    Probably because Catholic priests are obliged to observe celibacy.This clearly results in all sorts of frustrations, resulting in many cases of abuse and paedophilia. Most other religions do not apply celibacy, and have much less to do with this problem.