Why does Bolognese have to cook for so long?

A real, true-to-original sugo bolognese cooks for at least five hours.There is a reason for this and is not just a tradition. However, there are ways to shorten the cooking time.

The numerous ingredients are easy to look up: carrots, perennial celery, onions (the three belong in almost every Italian sauce or soup), beef chop, olive oil, white wine, tomatoes (often fresh and concentrate at the same time), cream, spices.Some people also add garlic, but it’s not originally in it.

The vegetables are lightly browned, then the chop is added and is fried sharply (with a bit of vegetables also turned black, already ok), then the wine and the rest.Bring to the boil, stir thoroughly and set to a very low heat. Then wait, possibly. stir from time to time.

The long time depends exclusively on the meat and on the natural binding of the sauce.The Bolognese is a pretty cheap sauce. The minced meat originally consists of muscle meat of the toughest variety, such as that cannot be taken for other dishes. There can also be tendons and tendon skins, which are simply twisted with. A lot of fat should not be on it, but to parry everything thoroughly would also be too time-consuming and expensive.

After about three and a half hours of cooking, the meat is tender, the tendon parts are soft and have already given away gelatin.But they are still palpable. An hour later, that’s over. But the first pieces, which consisted only of meat, disintegrate. This is desirable: a part of the minced meat should ensure that the sauce becomes quite homogeneous.

After four and a half (sometimes after four) hours, it all happened.But then there is still a lot of fat floating on the surface. If you’re in a hurry, you can take it off now, but the Bolognese won’t have its full taste.

The last half hour is for this purpose.Through gelatin and cream, the fat is gradually emulsified into the sauce, so that it becomes quite homogeneous, creamy and just delicious.

So much for the classical theory.If you want to shorten this, you will take better meat. With Tatar (scrapmeat) or twisted steaks, all this can be done in less than an hour. In order to fake at least a bit of the original taste, instead of fresh ones, you should take good canned tomatoes or past tomatoes, raise the temperature so that more liquid boils, and actually dissolve some gelatinande and Stir. In a hot state, this doesn’t seem to make any difference as soon as the sauce on the plate gets colder, but it does.

Cooking with added gelatin, however, has an additional difficulty: it burns easily. That’s why, if it’s already in there but is still supposed to evaporate liquid, you have to stir quite often.

I therefore prefer the classic method: the ingredients are much cheaper, the result much better.But there is less work to be done. Nothing for the hyperactive, then.

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