Why does America suffer much less from hooligans and antisocial behaviour in sporting events?

Police are quickly shooting here.

Is it correct?Violence within the sport is often common among players in America as well. The spectators also often get involved. But one important difference is that in America most sporting events are visited by complete families and not only by adult fellows. When someone takes his wife and children, a conflict is more quickly out of the way.

Fights between fans existed in the days when Rome organized everything within the arenas, and there were also regular riots.The Nika riot of 532 was one of the bloodiest actions of “hooligans”.There were chariot races organized and riots broke out where someone was murdered. Fans of involved teams were arrested and politically this also triggered problems. In chariot races that were then organized, the flame struck in the pan and several senators seized the opportunity to turn the emperor off. Without success, incidentally…

And then there are the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots, although that is Canada. With 140 wounded of which 1 in critical condition also no nice event.

I think the biggest difference is mainly the media attention that these riots are getting.Europe is relatively small with many inhabitants and riots have a lot of news value in such a compact community. However, America is very big and riots at a competition usually doesn’t get the national level because no one in Texas is interested in riots in Ohio. These riots do take place but have little news value.

And then the word “Hooligans” which is actually a purely British word. So around 1890 it was already used and it was finally applied to the British football fans, who went to regard this as an honorary title.It is therefore a predominantly British phenomenon that the EU actually plays across Europe, but mainly relates to British fans.

The term is mainly applicable in football sports, or soccer in America.Only, Sokker is not very popular there. Americans find scoring very important and so you often see sports being practiced where both teams earn a lot of points. But in football it is already special if more than 5 goals are achieved within a competition. More than 10 is already quite rare.

That score is therefore important because in America nobody wants to miss such a moment so one is busy with the game.In Football There are long moments when little happens and one loses the attention at the game and thus gets an eye for the opposing party and their fans.

That difference within the sport is also important.The American sports offer more distraction for the public…

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